ENT Saison 1

Enterprise saison 1 : les épisodes

Broken Bow

      In the nine decades following Zefram Cochrane's visionary warp flight in space and the First Contact that followed, the human race has been slowly guided by the Vulcans toward developing the Warp Five engine. Mankind is at last able to explore the virgin depths of space with a revolutionary new starship, the Enterprise NX-01, under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer. Plans to launch Enterprise are moved up when a Klingon courier is shot down by unknown assailants and crash-lands in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. Feeling that the Vulcans have been condescending toward mankind for years, Archer insists it's the humans' responsibility to return the injured Klingon to his homeworld alive. Archer is fully backed by Starfleet Command, and the Vulcans' objections fall upon deaf ears.

With the ship high above Earth in spacedock, Archer has three days to assemble his crew, consisting of the charming southern chief engineer, Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker III; the strong and wary tactical officer, Lieutenant Malcolm Reed; the eager helmsman who grew up in space, Ensign Travis Mayweather; the linguistically talented communications officer, Ensign Hoshi Sato; and for his chief medical officer, Archer recruits the unconventional alien Dr. Phlox. For the ship's first mission, the Vulcans request that an advisor from their ranks be present, and they assign the highly intelligent but stubborn Sub-commander T'Pol. Anticipation and nerves run high as the ship is fitted with the latest Starfleet technology, such as the recently approved transporter, which no one is very eager to test on themselves. Quickly the historic launch arrives, and the Starship Enterprise does indeed, in the words of Dr. Cochrane, "go boldly where no man has gone before," warping towards planet Kronos.

As Enterprise speeds along her way, the crew all learn more about each other and strong bonds begin to form. Under Dr. Phlox's care, the injured Klingon, Klaang, regains consciousness and Hoshi tries to communicate with him. Suddenly the ship experiences a power failure and unknown chameleon-like aliens invade and kidnap Klaang from Sickbay. Dr. Phlox examines a captured alien and discovers he's a Suliban who has been genetically altered. With the Klingon gone, T'Pol advises Archer to return the ship to Earth, but he adamantly refuses. He then learns from the tight-lipped Vulcan that Klaang's last stop before crashing on Earth was a planet called Rigel X, so Archer orders Mayweather to set a course for the Rigel system. Meanwhile, a Suliban named Silik interrogates Klaang, trying to find out why he was on Rigel X meeting with a Suliban female named Sarin. At Rigel X, the Enterprise away team discovers an amazing multitude of alien life at a trading complex there, and their attempts to locate information on Klaang's visit are constantly interrupted by strange new sights and sounds. Archer eventually meets Sarin, who tells him of a Temporal Cold War in which the Suliban are being used to incite internal strife within the Klingon Empire. Klaang was bringing proof of this back to his High Council in order to avoid the Empire being thrown into chaos. Hidden Suliban soldiers suddenly attack, forcing Archer, Sarin and the rest of the away team to fight their way back to Enterprise. During the extremely intense firefight Sarin is killed, and later Archer is rendered unconscious from a deep blast to his leg while saving T'Pol's life.

As Archer recovers, T'Pol takes command of Enterprise despite Trip's objections, and astonishes everyone by enabling the ship to track the Suliban vessel from Rigel X, rather than ordering the ship back to Earth. After Archer resumes command they arrive at a gas giant planet, apparently losing the Suliban's trail. But T'Pol is again surprisingly helpful when she works with Archer to determine that not one but 14 Suliban vessels have recently entered the planet's atmosphere. Enterprise goes in to follow, and discovers a huge Suliban mothership, or "Helix" with 3000 lifesigns on board. They are attacked by several individual Suliban cell ships, but manage to capture one with the ship's grappler. Archer and Tucker learn to fly the stolen craft and use it to infiltrate the Helix while Enterprise hides in a dense upper layer of the atmosphere and avoids the Suliban's depth charges. Archer and Tucker find Klaang and release him while fending off the Suliban with their new phase-pistols. While Tucker takes the Klingon back to Enterprise, Archer stays behind to set off a magnetic disruptor that dismantles the Helix. Trying to stay alive while waiting for pick-up, Archer discovers a Temporal Chamber used by the Suliban to obtain their orders from a mysterious shrouded figure from the future. Archer is found by the Suliban leader, Silik, and the two struggle against each other in a time-shifted environment. Realizing he's no match for the genetically mutated Suliban, Archer tries to gain some distance by exiting the chamber, where time returns to normal. As Archer runs, Silik fires his weapon dead center into Archer, but at that moment the captain dematerializes, being unwittingly beamed back to Enterprise by a nervous Tucker using the relatively untried bio-transporter.

Leaving the Suliban behind, Enterprise warps away and successfully delivers Klaang to his homeworld. The Klingon Chancellor draws blood from Klaang, and his scientists find hidden within his DNA the Suliban data proving their conspiracy to undermine the Empire. The Chancellor turns to Archer and acts hostile toward him, but Archer takes his actions as a "thank you."

Back aboard Enterprise, Archer receives orders from Starfleet that henceforth, he and his crew are to officially begin their mission of exploration. Gratefully acknowledging her assistance in the mission's success, Archer sets aside his pride and convinces T'Pol to remain on the ship as Science Officer. A course is laid in for the nearest inhabited planet, and the crew of Enterprise boldly warps toward the unknown.

Fight or Flight

      Two weeks into their first mission of deep space exploration, the Enterprise crew is still breaking in their ship and itching for first contact with another civilization. Captain Archer hears squeaking; Lt. Reed tests his weapons system on an asteroid field; Ensign Sato is trying to keep an alien slug alive; Commander Tucker tries the resequenced protein food; and Dr. Phlox is intrigued by human behavior. Sub-commander T'Pol detects a ship floating immobile in interstellar space, so Captain Archer decides to try to make contact with it. Getting no response, the crew takes a closer look at the alien vessel and sees evidence of weapons fire, and bio-scans reveal lifeforms with very low cellular activity. Over T'Pol's protestations, Archer orders Reed to prep a shuttle, and asks an apprehensive Hoshi to come along.

The shuttlepod carrying Archer, Reed and Hoshi docks with the alien ship, and the away team — in environmental suits — boards the vessel. The ship's interior looks old and worn, the nitrogen-methane air is below freezing temperature, and the walls and floors are stained with a blue-green liquid that appears to be blood. They follow a noise into a large bay where they find hydraulic machines. When Hoshi shines her beacon on one of the machine conduits and follows it up the wall, she sees something above her and screams. Alien bodies are hanging from the ceiling with tubes draining their fluids.

Back at Enterprise, Archer concurs with T'Pol that whoever killed the aliens will likely come back and put their own crew in jeopardy. The ship resumes course, but Archer is plagued by guilt for abandoning the victims without at least trying to contact their people, so he orders Ensign Mayweather to turn back. Back onboard the alien cargo ship, Hoshi works with Trip to repair and decipher the communications consoles and send off a distress signal in the aliens' own language. Performing an autopsy on a corpse, Dr. Phlox learns that the alien crewmen were being drained for triglobulin, a valuable fluid that can be used to create medicines, vaccines and aphrodisiacs. But the away team has to evacuate when a vessel approaches with a power signature matching that of the perpetrators' machinery.

As the shuttlepod returns to Enterprise, the hostile vessel fires and knocks out the starship's port nacelle. Reed fires two torpedoes, but they are useless against the enemy ship's superior defenses. The bridge crew then finds themselves being probed by a bio-scan which no doubt reveals to the attackers that the human lymphatic system contains some, in Dr. Phlox's words, "useful compounds." Just then another vessel drops out of warp and hails Enterprise. This alien captain is from the same species as the murdered crew, apparently responding to Hoshi's distress call. Hoshi tries to communicate with him through the computer translator, but its inaccuracy causes the alien captain to think the humans were responsible for the murders. As the enemy ship prepares to drill through the hull and board Enterprise, Hoshi abandons the translator and begins talking to the alien captain directly as best she can in his language. Despite the extreme pressure she's under, Hoshi manages to convince the alien captain of their friendly intentions, and he begins to attack the other vessel. While the enemy ship is vulnerable, Reed fires another torpedo and causes some serious damage, and another shot from the alien captain finishes it off.

The Enterprise crew learns their new allies are called the Axanar, and after helping them recover their dead crewmen they spend some time on their planet. Before resuming course, Archer agrees to a brief detour to allow Hoshi to place her slug on a new planet — not exactly like home, but close enough to adapt to and do just fine, similarly to Hoshi's own experience of adjusting to life aboard Enterprise.

Strange New World

      The infinite blackness of space is interrupted for the Enterprise crew by the discovery of a beautiful new world — a natural Eden of unexplored mountains, rivers, wildflower fields and forests. Dismissing T'Pol's cautious advice to conduct scans and tests from orbit before commencing any surface exploration, Captain Archer orders an away team and shuttlepod prepped. Joining Archer on the team are Crewmen Cutler, an entomologist, and Crewman Novakovich, a botanist, along with Commander Tucker, Ensign Mayweather, and T'Pol. Even Porthos, Archer's dog, comes along for the ride. The landing party takes in the fresh air of the virgin world before splitting up to pursue their specialties and enjoying a day of exploration amidst uncountable new species of exotic plant and animal life. At day's end, T'Pol, Cutler and Novakovich request permission to stay overnight to study nocturnal life, while Tucker and Mayweather ask to stay for the sheer fun of camping under the stars.

After a relaxing evening of stargazing and ghost stories around a fire, the campers retire to their tents, but are unable to sleep as a sudden and fierce windstorm envelops them. Retreating to the safety of a nearby cavern, the decision is made to wait out the storm before attempting a risky shuttlepod landing, and the crew settles in. Noticing the food packs were left behind, Mayweather volunteers to go back and retrieve them. Pounded by vicious winds and intense darkness at the campsite, Mayweather sees three looming humanoid figures in the shadows, and double-times it back to the safety of the cave. As T'Pol uses her scanner to confirm there are no lifesigns in the vicinity, suggesting Mayweather imagined the figures, Novakovich hears strange alien whispering coming from the tunnels at the back of the cavern. As his fear and panic build, Novakovich is unwilling to stay in the cave only to wait and be attacked, and runs wildly out into the storming darkness. Following behind, Tucker and Mayweather are unable to locate the inexplicably irrational Novakovich, and during their search they see alien faces and bodily movements from within the very rocks and cliffs themselves, before being forced to turn back by the dangerous storm. Archer communicates to Tucker that he and Lt. Reed are coming to the surface in a shuttlepod to attempt a rescue. T'Pol uses the time to explore deeper into the tunnels with her scanner, attempting to verify the alien voices Novakovich heard earlier. Her fear escalating, Cutler is unwilling to be alone and follows after T'Pol, only to imperceptibly observe a meeting between T'Pol and two unknown alien figures.

Once the group rendezvous back in the cavern, the mood is extremely anxious and tense as Tucker and Mayweather describe their alien sightings. T'Pol reports no lifesigns within the tunnel systems, but Cutler accuses her of lying, describing the meeting she observed between T'Pol and the unidentified aliens, which T'Pol denies. Tucker supports Mayweather and Cutler, as he himself saw the alien rock-creatures, and suspicions run high as T'Pol is confronted by the rest of the team. Archer and Reed arrive, but unfortunately are unable to land the shuttlepod in the extreme winds, forced to leave the crew to wait out the storm in the cavern. Onboard Enterprise, Ensign Sato reports that Novakovich's bio-signs are erratic, and Archer hears the crewman screaming incoherently, so he orders Reed to attempt a risky bio-transport. Novakovich materializes onboard Enterprise, but rock and twig debris from the storm have fused into his body. The crewman is treated and stabilized by Dr. Phlox, who discovers that his bloodstream is filled with a potent psychotropic compound called tropolisine. Apparently he contracted the hallucinogen from the local pollen that was kicked up by the winds.

Trying to communicate this discovery to T'Pol, Archer finds out that Tucker is pointing a phase pistol at T'Pol for suspicion of treason. Tucker is extremely volatile as he states to Archer that he always knew T'Pol was there to sabotage Enterprise. Archer orders Tucker to lower the phaser, explaining that the "aliens" were hallucinations caused by the pollen. Though highly skeptical, Tucker begrudgingly follows the order, but he continues to vehemently accuse T'Pol of conspiring with the hidden aliens, while Mayweather and Cutler pass out. Meanwhile Dr. Phlox reports to Archer an unexpected complication: this specific form of tropolisine breaks down into a deadly toxin within the bloodstream, and it may be too late to save Novakovich. But there may be time for the crew on the surface, so Archer explains to Tucker and T'Pol that Phlox is preparing ampules of inoprovaline that will be transported down for them to inoculate themselves. But Tucker is more violently paranoid than ever and on the verge of shooting T'Pol. While Sato and T'Pol converse in Vulcan, Archer plays into Tucker's delusions and "admits" that T'Pol was meeting with the "rock people" for a top-secret mission, tricking him into lowering his weapon. T'Pol immediately stuns Tucker with her own phase pistol, then collects the medication and inoculates herself and the unconscious crew.

The morning brings sunshine and a gentle breeze, leaving the delusions and paranoia behind. A regretful Tucker admits to T'Pol that he needs to challenge his preconceptions about Vulcans. After learning that Novakovich is going to be fine, the stranded crewmembers gather their gear and help each other through the beautiful morning toward an awaiting shuttlepod.


      A rash of odd malfunctions are afflicting the Enterprise NX-01, such as a gravity outage while Captain Archer is showering. Chief Engineer Tucker determines that the ship's plasma exhaust flow is being restricted for some unknown reason. When Archer orders Lt. Reed to ignite the plasma exhaust, they discover a cloaked alien ship riding between the ship's nacelles.

Archer hails the "hitchhikers" and learns their engines are malfunctioning and they've been using Enterprise's exhaust to replenish them. Archer offers to help them with repairs, so Tucker prepares for a three-day away mission on the disabled ship. Tucker has to undergo a very uncomfortable three-hour decompression and acclimation process, and when he enters the Xyrillian ship, he is faced with a disorienting visual and auditory experience — the walls are glowing with bioluminescent moss, the consoles operate with viscous fluids and electrical arcs, there's an aquarium holding hundreds of undulating eels, and the Xyrillians themselves glisten with moist, scaly skin. Tucker insists on going straight to work in their engine room, but he has a very hard time adjusting to the environment. After finally agreeing to get some rest, Tucker starts to enjoy his stay, and develops a flirtatious friendship with the female engineer, Ah'len. On a break from their repair work, Ah'len shows Tucker a holographic chamber where she recreates a three-dimensional landscape of her homeworld. While sitting in a holographic boat in an exotic ocean, she introduces Tucker to one of their games: they immerse their hands into a box of granules which begin to glow, enabling them to read each other's minds.

After helping the Xyrillians get their teraphasic coils back on line, Tucker returns to Enterprise and the ships go their separate ways. As Tucker relates his experiences to Reed over lunch, he notices an unusual growth on his left wrist. He visits Dr. Phlox, who determines the growth is a nipple and he has an embryo forming in his ribs... Tucker is pregnant! Tucker insists to Phlox, T'Pol and Archer that he had no sexual encounters during his stay, but then realizes that the "box of pebbles" he shared with Ah'len must have inadvertently served as a medium to transfer genetic material. Phlox says the embryo is actually not his child, but that he is simply serving as a host, so Tucker hopes the lifeform can be removed from him and incubated. But Phlox is hesitant to perform any procedure without learning more about the Xyrillian gestation process, so Archer sets out to track down the Xyrillian ship, while agreeing to keep Tucker's condition secret from the rest of the crew.

Days go by as Enterprise looks for the Xyrillians, and in the meantime the bulge in Tucker's ribcage is growing while he experiences morning sickness, a ravenous appetite, and severe mood swings, which baffle his crewmates. After more than a week, Tucker has to face the possibility that he will have to deliver the baby and care for it. On the "bright side," Archer points out to Tucker's chagrin that he's making history with the first interspecies pregnancy involving a human.

Tucker is relieved when the Xyrillians' warp signature is detected, but upon approach, Enterprise comes face-to-face with a Klingon battle cruiser. Apparently the Xyrillian ship has malfunctioned again and they're hiding in the Klingons' plasma wake. Archer hails the Klingons and informs them about the stealth vessel. The angered Klingons intend to kill the Xyrillian crew, but Archer tries desperately to talk them out of it. Tucker steps forward and suggests that the Xyrillian crew would be willing to share their holographic technology if their lives are spared. The Klingon captain, Vorok, is enticed, but refuses to let Tucker join them as they board the ship. Archer then reveals that Tucker has some unfinished business involving a pregnancy, but Vorok holds firm. Tucker then grits his teeth and shows his "bulge," revealing he is the one who is pregnant and giving the Klingons an uproarious laugh.

Tucker and two of the Klingons board the Xyrillian ship, and after a decompression period, Tucker talks Trena'l, one of their leaders, into cooperating. Trena'l installs a topographical survey of the capital city of Kronos into the holographic chamber, allowing the Klingons to experience a simulation of their homeworld, and agrees to adapt the technology to the Klingon ship. Meanwhile Ah'len is surprised to learn about Tucker's pregnancy, unaware such a thing could happen with another species. She scans the embryo and determines it can still be transferred to another host, and learns it's a girl.

Captain Vorok informs Archer that the Xyrillians will soon be free to go, but when Archer extends his friendship to the Klingons, Vorok issues a stern warning that if they should ever meet again, he will regret it. On a brighter note, life for Tucker returns to normal again, except for knowing that he will go down in history as the first human male to become pregnant.

Terra Nova

      Over 75 years ago the spaceship Conestoga left Earth on a nine-year one-way mission to establish the first human colony outside the solar system, called Terra Nova. The colony thrived on their beautiful new planet, and was such a success the Space Agency on Earth decided to send another vessel. The colonists protested and angry messages were traded, then one day all transmissions from Terra Nova ceased. Decades later the Warp 5-capable Enterprise NX-01 is dispatched to find out what happened to that lost colony.

After the ship enters orbit over Terra Nova, Captain Archer's hails go unanswered and scans show no bio-signs, but low levels of mysterious radiation are detected. Archer leads an away team to the surface and finds the colony structures deserted and rusting. T'Pol determines that the radiation levels 70 years ago would have been lethal, but no bodies are found. But then Lt. Reed detects a humanoid moving through the forest, and the away team tracks the figure to the mouth of a network of caverns. Archer and Reed go in to explore and encounter a society of cave dwellers wearing scaly body armor. Attempts at friendly communication are met with gunfire, and Reed takes a bullet in the thigh. Archer has no choice but to escape the barrage and retreat with the other crewmen, leaving Reed behind. While they take off in the shuttlepod, T'Pol's scans indicate the attackers are human.

Back on Enterprise, new scans reveal 52 bio-signs underground, all human, but right now Archer is only interested in the injured Reed. As they examine the cavern geology to plan a rescue, Archer and T'Pol conjecture that the cave dwellers are descendents of the original colonists, driven underground by the radiation. Archer takes Dr. Phlox with him back to the surface and they let themselves be captured. The cave dwellers speak to them in an odd dialect of English, calling themselves Novans. The aged Jamin and his sickly mother Nadet express their resentment toward humans, whom they blame for the "poison rain" many years ago. Archer tries to convince the Novans that they're descended from humans, and wants to help them determine the true cause of the radiation. And after Phlox diagnoses Nadet with lung cancer, Archer offers to treat her aboard his "sky ship." Jamin consents, on the condition that Reed stay behind despite his injury, and he and Nadet ride the shuttlepod with Archer and Phlox to Enterprise.

Although Nadet is a troublesome patient, Phlox is able to determine a treatment for her. While he synthesizes medicine, Archer shows the guests archived pictures from the early days of the Terra Nova colony, but Jamin accuses Archer of lying and trying to confuse them. Meanwhile T'Pol discovers an impact crater on the surface indicating that an asteroid collision caused a radioactive cloud about 70 years ago that enveloped the northern hemisphere where the colony was located. Also, ensigns Sato and Mayweather unearth from the colony's communications tower a transmission still in the data buffer, from a colony leader accusing Earth of making an attack.

Archer surmises that only the colony's young children survived the radiation and began living underground, and their last memories were of their parents blaming humans for destroying the colony. Dr. Phlox then informs Archer that the Novans are suffering from micro-cellular decay caused by contaminated groundwater, which he cannot treat. Archer attempts to explain the situation to the Jamin and Nadet and convince them the Novans need to leave the planet and come to Earth. They are resistant and accusatory as usual, so Archer shows Nadet another archived photo that he found, one that includes her mother and herself as a child. It sparks her memory, but Jamin insists on returning to the surface, threatening that Reed will be "gutted" if they are not back before daybreak. Since Archer refuses to take the Novans by force, T'Pol offers an alternative that won't destroy their unique culture: relocate them to the southern hemisphere, which is unaffected by the asteroid. On the shuttlepod ride back, Archer appeals to Jamin and Nadet to consider that proposal and talk to their people about it.

When the shuttlepod lands, the ground collapses beneath them and they fall into the underground caverns. They escape the shuttle unhurt, and Jamin sets out to guide Archer back to where Reed is, but then they hear the cries of a Novan man who has become trapped by a large fallen root in a deep pit rapidly filling with water. In order to save him, Jamin and Archer have to work together, and Jamin decides to trust Archer to use his phase-pistol to cut the root in half so they can pry it off the injured man. Later, though, it is Nadet who appeals to the other Novans to listen to the humans, finally acknowledging that she was the little girl in that picture and that she is herself human. After the Enterprise crew helps the Novans relocate, thus saving them from extinction, Archer gives Mayweather the honor of writing the report for Starfleet describing how the Terra Nova puzzle was solved at last.

The Andorian Incident

As Enterprise warps through the depths of space, Captain Archer decides to take the opportunity to visit a nearby ancient Vulcan monastery called P'Jem, a sanctuary for meditation and "Kolinahr," or purging of emotion. T'Pol briefs Archer and Commander Tucker on the proper protocols for such a visit, and the three of them take a shuttlepod to the 3000-year-old temple. Something seems amiss as the trio enters, finding it suspiciously unoccupied with damage to the building and the artifacts. A Vulcan Elder informs them they are interrupting Kolinahr and must leave, but Archer notices a reflection in an urn of a strange alien hiding with a weapon. He and Tucker rush the intruder, but then find themselves surrounded and captured by a group of militaristic blue-skinned aliens.

The antennaed invaders reveal their paranoid nature as the leader, Shran, interrogates Archer and accuses him of being involved in a conspiracy with the Vulcans. Left confined in a meditation room with a group of Vulcan monks, Archer learns that the invaders are Andorians, a suspicious and volatile species from a neighboring system who believe the Vulcans intend to invade their homeworld despite a treaty between the two races. The Andorians think the monastery is hiding a long-range sensor array, but the Vulcan Elder insists they have no technology there, and chides Archer for amplifying their suspicions.

Meanwhile on Enterprise, Lt. Malcolm Reed detects an alien vessel on the ground that is not Vulcan. When he tries to contact the landing party, Shran answers Archer's communicator and proclaims the captain a prisoner of the Andorian Imperial Guard, and warns that any attempt to intervene will lead to the hostages' deaths. Reed has no intention of standing idly by, so he researches the Andorian race while preparing a rescue mission. On the surface, Archer presses the Vulcans for options, so the Elder confesses to the existence of an old transmitter within the catacombs underneath the temple. A young Initiate leads Tucker through a secret entrance into a dark maze of passages filled with ancient relics and Vulcan mummies, to the dusty transmitter which Tucker sets out to fix. He manages to send a message to Reed to sit tight while they work out an escape plan themselves.

Despite the Vulcans' resistance to any form of violence, Archer learns the layout of the underground tunnels and formulates a plan. He gets the Andorians to bring him into the atrium with the promise of "information," but then he just babbles useless trivia under the ruse of needing to get away from the Vulcans. Actually he's there to slip a tiny artifact through an orifice in a large face sculpture in the atrium wall. Archer gets brutally beaten by the Andorians, but when Tucker finds the tiny artifact he now knows which passage leads to the atrium. Reed and two other crewmen beam down into the meditation room and go underground to plant explosives behind that face sculpture. The Andorians detect an energy surge and new bio-signs, but before they can react the atrium wall explodes and they get into a firefight with the rescue team. Reed manages to stun two Andorians, but Shran and one other escape into the catacombs. Archer arms himself and leads his people in pursuit, with the Vulcan Initiate insisting on going along. They track the Andorians to the Reliquary, where the temple's most sacred artifacts are kept, and enter over the Initiate's objections. They come under attack by the Andorians, with many relics getting destroyed. In the midst of the chaos, Archer finds hidden behind an ornate curtain a high-tech door that seems very incongruous in a place that's supposed to have no technology. Archer finds the controls to open it, and calls for a ceasefire.

The humans and Andorians — and T'Pol — are all astonished at what they see: a massive complex filled with sophisticated surveillance equipment and several Vulcan technicians. Obviously the monks have been lying all along about the sensor array, so Archer orders T'Pol to take pictures with her scanner and hand it over to the Andorians, as evidence the Vulcans violated their treaty. T'Pol complies, and also orders Enterprise to allow safe passage for the Andorians. Shran takes the scanner, and on his way out tells Archer they are in his debt.

Breaking the Ice

      The Enterprise crew is thrilled to encounter the biggest comet humans have ever seen, one that's 82.6 kilometers in diameter with a spectacular tail. Learning the comet contains large quantities of eisilium, an extremely rare mineral, Captain Archer dispatches Lt. Reed and Ensign Mayweather to take a little "comet-walk" with a drilling rig to collect samples. As they prepare for their mission, a Vulcan starship, the Ti'Mur, approaches unannounced. Archer hails the ship, and its captain, Vanik, informs him they are not there to investigate the comet, but rather to investigate Enterprise's interest in the comet. Although irked, Archer gracefully invites Vanik to stay and watch, but then he pulls T'Pol aside to find out what they're "really" doing here. T'Pol has no answers.

Reed and Mayweather land a shuttlepod on the comet, eager to experience the wintery world. Meanwhile Commander Tucker is disturbed to discover that T'Pol has secretly received an encrypted transmission from the Vulcan ship. He reports this to Archer, and upon his orders enlists Ensign Sato to decrypt the message.

The bridge crew takes a little time out to record a message for Tucker's nephew's fourth-grade class in Ireland, answering the students' questions about such things as what they eat in space and how they talk to aliens. Each crew member in turn responds to the topics they specialize in, but Tucker is a little upset when Archer picks him to answer the question, "When you flush a toilet, where does it go?"

On the comet, Reed and Mayweather are setting charges in the ice as the first step of their drilling operation, but they can't resist taking some time to build a snowman — with Vulcan ears. Meanwhile, Tucker reads the message to T'Pol that Sato decrypted, and realizes it's nothing incriminating, but rather an intensely personal letter. Highly embarrassed, Tucker decides to confess to T'Pol and apologize. She is uncomfortable with Tucker knowing about her situation, although he agrees to keep it between themselves. T'Pol will not even confide in Dr. Phlox when she receives treatment for a tension headache and sleeplessness, but the doctor advises that she talk to someone about what's bothering her.

In a gesture to gain the Vulcans' trust, Archer decides to invite Captain Vanik over for dinner with him, T'Pol and Tucker. The dinner does not go well, however, as Vanik just sits at the table without eating and barely responds to attempts at conversation. Archer gets fed up and abruptly asks why the Vulcans are spying on them. Vanik condescendingly denies the accusation, and Archer send him back to his ship.

After Reed and Mayweather blast a crater in the comet's surface, they begin setting up the drilling rig. But the blast shifted the comet's rotation, so Archer orders them to pick up the pace because in two hours they will be exposed to the dangerous heat of the nearby star. On the ship, T'Pol decides to take Plox's advice to relieve her stress by talking about her concerns with someone. In the encrypted letter, T'Pol was given an ultimatum to return to Vulcan immediately or her arranged wedding will be cancelled. So she asks Tucker, the one person who already knows the situation, whether she should honor her people's traditions or her obligation to Enterprise. He tries to convince her to think for herself and do what is right for her, but she insists her family and heritage must take precedence over "personal choice." She acts like her mind is made up, but Tucker is not convinced.

Having collected a core sample, Reed and Mayweather are removing their equipment when Mayweather slips back into the blast crater and injures his knee. Their pace is slowed as Reed helps the limping Mayweather back to the shuttlepod, and sunlight begins to break across the horizon. The ice begins fracturing beneath them as they take their final few steps toward the shuttle. They make it inside, but when they fire up the engines, the ice collapses beneath the shuttle and it plummets into a gaping chasm. They are now trapped, so Archer takes the helm of Enterprise to navigate the ship close enough to use magnetic grapplers to retrieve the shuttle. Captain Vanik hails him to offer assistance, but Archer refuses. Tucker manages to hit the shuttle with one grappler, but the eisilium deposits disrupt the maglock and the shuttle drops back down. Since the Vulcans' tractor beam would not be affected by the eisilium, T'Pol convinces Archer that to accept Vanik's help would be to prove him wrong about humans being arrogant and prideful. He concurs, and Reed and Mayweather are rescued by the Ti'Mur.

Archer tries to thank Vanik by offering to share the data they collected, but Vanik gives him the usual cold reply, and the Ti'Mur prepares to depart. Tucker asks T'Pol if she's ready to leave with the other Vulcans, but instead of packing, she sends a message to the Ti'Mur to convey to her family, declaring her intention to stay aboard Enterprise.


      Excitement is brewing onboard Enterprise as the starship enters orbit of a Minshara-class planet with 500 million lifeforms. Visual and acoustic scans reveal a pre-industrial society called the Akaali. Over T'Pol's protestations of protocol, Captain Archer decides the crew should explore the civilization first-hand, rather than use probes. But the mission becomes more critical when neutrino emissions are detected on the surface, indicating an antimatter reactor on a world that doesn't even have indoor plumbing. So Archer sends himself, Ensign Sato, Commander Tucker and T'Pol down to the planet disguised as Akaali to investigate.

Split into two groups, the landing team follows their scanners through the night toward the telltale emissions. T'Pol and Sato are disturbed to see that many of the people on the streets of the city are afflicted with lesions. Archer and Tucker determine the antimatter reactor is located underneath a small curio shop, and upon breaking into the shop they find that the entrance to the reactor is protected by an energy barrier. Suddenly a crossbow is trained at them by a striking Akaali woman who accuses them of causing a local plague with their "evening deliveries."

T'Pol arrives and stuns the woman with her phase pistol. With dawn arriving, Archer sends the others back to the shuttle while he stays behind with the woman, whom he learns is an apothecary named Riann. When she wakes up, Archer tells her he's an investigator from another city who is as curious as she is about the strange goings-on at the curio shop and how they're related to the epidemic. When the shop opens, Archer and Tucker confront the owner, Garos, mutually realizing each are not of this world. Garos, a Malurian, claims to be an explorer like them who grew fond of the Akaali and chose to stay, and the antimatter reactor is nothing more than a fabrication device for food and clothing. He further claims the plague is caused by an indigenous virus, and Riann's accusations toward him are baseless. Archer is skeptical, so he visits Riaan in her lab with T'Pol. While T'Pol surreptitiously gathers data, Archer learns from Riaan that her brother was one of the first victims of the epidemic, which started shortly after Garos arrived. And suspicious deliveries are taking place at night from Garos' shop to different places outside the city. Later, Dr. Phlox determines from T'Pol's readings that the city's groundwater is contaminated with tetracyanate 622, a toxic compound primarily used as an industrial lubricant, which appears to be responsible for the plague.

That night Archer and Riaan watch the curio shop, waiting for one of those deliveries. Their stakeout turns awkwardly romantic when Archer's translator malfunctions and he has no choice but to kiss Riaan to cover while fixing it. But then they see a man hauling crates out of Garos' shop, and they follow him to a forest clearing. They watch as an alien shuttlecraft procures the crates with a tractor beam. Riaan is shaken by these sights, and Archer is about to confess his true identity when they come under attack by the delivery man. Archer fights with the attacker and succeeds in stunning him, in the process undoing his prosthetic disguise to reveal his scaly-gray alien skin. Archer pockets the alien's weapon, shop key and a remote control unit, then explains everything to Riaan as they return to the city. The enter the curio shop, use the remote to disable the energy barrier, and take a stairwell to find a massive underground drilling operation operated by scaly-gray aliens. Archer determines they're mining a veridium isotope, which is used to manufacture explosives, and their drill bits are saturated with tetracyanate. Determined to shut down the operation, Archer tells Tucker to use the transporter to beam out the reactor, once he can disengage the dampening field that envelopes the entire mine. But he and Riaan misread the alien controls and set off an alarm.

While a Malurian ship approaches Enterprise and opens fire, Garos confronts Archer in the mine and warns him to leave and never return. As Enterprise evades its assailant, Archer manages to disable the dampening field and escape with Riaan into the city where they get into a phase-pistol fight with the aliens in front of the shocked locals. Meanwhile Tucker tries to get a transporter lock on the reactor while Enterprise fails to fend off the Malurian ship. He gets the idea to beam the reactor into space and fire a spatial torpedo at it, creating an antimatter explosion that disables the attacking ship. On the ground, Riaan uses her scientific prowess and instructs Archer to shoot his phase-pistol into an oil lamp on the street above Garos and his henchmen, exploding it and thus giving Archer the upper hand. Defeated on each front, Garos and his men leave the planet. The Enterprise crew removes all the mining equipment and provides an antidote for the plague, all without the Akaali knowing what's really going on, with one exception: Riaan, who doubts anyone would believe her anyway. Archer shares one last kiss with her before trekking back into the unknown.

Fortunate Son

Sent by Admiral Forrest to respond to an automated distress call, Enterprise intercepts the Earth cargo freighter Fortunate and finds it badly damaged and not responding to hails. Captain Archer leads an away team to board the vessel, and they are greeted by the freighter's acting commander, first officer Matthew Ryan. Ryan informs Archer that the Fortunate was attacked by Nausicaan pirates, who have been harassing freighters in the sector for years, including the one Ensign Mayweather grew up on. Claiming the distress call was a mistake, Ryan resists Archer's overtures of help, but Dr. Phlox insists on tending to the injured captain. Once Phlox determines that Captain Keene will need two or three days of treatment, Archer talks Ryan into letting Enterprise engineers come aboard the Fortunate to upgrade its defenses. This forces Ryan and another crewman named Shaw to take special precautions to hide their secret — they have a Nausicaan prisoner on board whom they are torturing for information.

Later, a proud Mayweather gives Ryan a tour of the impressive new Enterprise. They bond as fellow "boomers" who both grew up on freighters, but Ryan proves to be disdainful toward Mayweather for having left his parents' cargo ship to join Starfleet. Meanwhile on the Fortunate, suspicious activity leads T'Pol to run scans and detect the bio-signs of an injured Nausicaan. Informed of this discovery, Archer confronts Ryan, who confesses they indeed are keeping a prisoner and argues they have every right to. Archer concurs, but counters that he also has a right to remove the improvements made on the freighter. Ryan appears to relent and let Archer and his team see the prisoner, but as he leads them into a cargo module, it proves to be double-cross — Ryan and Shaw trap them in the compartment with a breach in its hull, and detach it from the freighter.

The Fortunate then fires upon Enterprise and jumps to warp, escaping while Enterprise rescues the trapped crewmen. Commander Tucker sets out to the repair the damaged long-range sensors so Enterprise can track the renegade freighter, which they figure is after revenge against the Nausicaans. Mayweather approaches Archer and asks him to consider that maybe they should stay out of Ryan's way. But Archer argues that human beings have a code of behavior whether they're Starfleet officers or "space boomers," and Mayweather agrees. On the Fortunate, Ryan succeeds in beating the information he wants out of his prisoner, namely the shield frequency codes for the Nausicaan raider ships. They find the ship that attacked them and chase it to an asteroid where two other Nausicaan vessels are off-loading cargo to a docking station. Ryan orders an apprehensive Shaw to fire weapons, but their plasma bursts fail to penetrate the Nausicaan shields. A counterattack disables their engines and ability to escape, so the crew prepares to fight the Nausicaans face-to-face as they board the freighter to retrieve the captive.

Meanwhile, Enterprise has detected the Fortunate's weapons fire and sets course to intercept. As an intense firefight ensues on the Fortunate, Archer hails one of the Nausicaan captains to negotiate a peaceful solution, letting the freighter go in exchange for the hostage. Faced with the superior firepower of the NX-Class Enterprise, the Nausicaan captain agrees to let Archer deliver the prisoner, but he must be quick or he'll "take his chances" with an assault on both ships. Archer contacts Ryan and implores him to listen to reason. Ryan stubbornly refuses to give up his hostage, but then Mayweather speaks up and chastises Ryan for putting all freighter crews at risk to satisfy his thirst for revenge. When the Nausicaan ships start firing, Ryan finally gives in and releases the hostage to the boarding party, and the Nausicaan ships retreat. Ryan is later stripped of his rank by Captain Keene, and Keene confesses to Archer that it'll be hard for freighter crews to get used to seeing the space they've been traveling for three generations get a lot more crowded.

Cold Front

      Enterprise navigates into a stellar nursery hoping to make contact with some of the alien vessels detected among the colorful gases and protostars. Finding a transport vessel escorting a group of alien pilgrims to the "Great Plume of Agosoria," a protostar which emits an epic burst of energy every 11 years, Captain Archer decides to caravan with the pilgrimage ship, and invites the group for a social dinner onboard Enterprise. Relations fare well among the starship crew and the pilgrims culminating with Commander Trip Tucker giving a guided tour of the Enterprise engineering bay. As the group listens attentively to Trip's oversimplified explanation of the warp engines, one pilgrim silently slips behind a bulkhead unnoticed. He opens a panel and dislocates his limb in order to disconnect a conduit within — he is a Suliban. After the disguised invader rejoins the group, the entire ship is suddenly rocked by a powerful plasma storm within the stellar nursery. Unsuccessfully attempting to steer clear of the storm, Enterprise is repeatedly hit with plasma lighting, severely damaging the warp manifold and starting a disastrous antimatter cascade traveling towards the reactor. Instead of completely destroying the ship, though, the cascade is suddenly stopped dead at the very console the Suliban tampered with moments before.

After the jostled pilgrims return to their ship, Trip informs Archer of the recently discovered separated conduit, and that although it's what saved the ship, no one is taking responsibility for its disconnection. Perplexed, a sullen Archer is approached by Crewman Daniels, a steward in the Mess Hall, who reveals he is not really a member of Starfleet, but a soldier from 900 years in the future. Taking Archer to his quarters, Daniels uses a futuristic device to project a holographic "temporal observatory." Daniels claims he was sent to track and stop Silik — the same Suliban whom Archer fought on the Helix during the ship's first mission — from altering history, but he requires a portion of the Enterprise's power and equipment to operate his futuristic tracking technology. Archer discusses Daniel's proposal with a stunned Trip and the ever-skeptical T'Pol, ultimately deciding that in case a "Temporal Cold War" actually does exist, it would be best to give Daniels the aid he needs.

Trip and T'Pol help Daniels set up his tracking devices in Engineering and are amazed at his futuristic technology, particularly a device that allows its operator to literally walk through walls. Meanwhile a suspicious Archer attempts to seek out Silik from the group of pilgrims, who have returned to the Enterprise Mess Hall in order to gain a better view of the rapidly approaching Plume of Agosoria. But when Archer returns to his quarters he is ambushed by the awaiting Silik. Insisting someone else is actually the one trying to alter history, Silik claims to be there to stop whomever it might be and needs Archer's help in identifying the unknown soldier. In an attempt to gain Archer's trust Silik confesses to having disconnected the conduit and saving Enterprise, but while Archer denies knowing who Silik is referring to, T'Pol announces over the com that Daniels' modifications in Engineering are complete, which unwittingly provides Silik with the information he required. No longer needing him, Silik stuns Archer into unconsciousness.

While waiting for Archer to arrive, Daniels' tracking device alerts him to Silik's presence within Engineering, and he insists Trip and T'Pol immediately leave to bring reinforcements to help contain Silik. As the two comply and leave Engineering, they witness Silik murder Daniels without hesitation, then use his genetically enhanced camouflaging ability to disappear from sight. Awakened by Dr. Phlox, a sore Archer orders every outer door and hatch sealed, and security posted on all decks to prevent Silik's escape. Then confirming his suspicion, Archer takes T'Pol into Daniels' quarters and discovers that the device Daniels used to project the Temporal Observatory has been stolen, deducing it was probably Silik's mission in the first place. Silik is detected by Ensign Hoshi Sato as he attempts to bypass the lockout codes for Launch Bay One, while Trip helps Archer by giving him the phasing device he witnessed Daniels use earlier. Archer uses it to walk through a bulkhead wall, catching Silik by surprise, when suddenly both men are violently rocked as Enterprise experiences heavy plasma turbulence from the much anticipated Plume of Agosoria. Silik seizes the moment to escape inside the Launch Bay, quickly followed by Archer, who, rather than letting Silik have it, opts to shoot Daniels' device out of Silik's clutched grasp. Seeing the device is destroyed, Silik camouflages himself and flees, gaining enough time to open the Launch Bay doors. Holding on to a handrail as the ensuing vacuum decompresses the bay of air, Archer watches as Silik steps to the edge of the opening and jumps out of the ship headlong into the cloudy depths of the stellar nursery. Saving himself from being sucked into space after Silik, Archer climbs into a control room and repressurizes it so he can breathe again. T'Pol comes over the com, requesting to follow Silik who has just been picked up from space by a Suliban cell ship. Archer denies T'Pol's request, opting to let the conniving Silik go as he failed to get what he came for anyway. Before retiring to bed, the exhausted Archer orders Daniels' quarters to be sealed off indefinitely, as a safeguard against any other unknown powerful and mysterious devices that may lie within.

Silent Enemy

      The Enterprise crew is in the process of deploying the second in a series of subspace amplifiers that will allow better communications with home, when an unidentified ship drops out of warp. Captain Archer hails the vessel, but it ominously refuses to respond and just warps away. T'Pol dismisses the "silent treatment" by stating that not every species has motives that can be understood in human terms. So Archer turns his attention to a more pressing concern — doing something special for Lt. Malcolm Reed's upcoming birthday. Archer breaks in the new subspace amplifiers by calling Reed's parents on Earth in hopes of learning his favorite food. He's a bit surprised to learn during the awkward conversation that the lieutenant's own parents don't know what he likes to eat. So the captain gives a reluctant Ensign Hoshi Sato the "mission" of discovering this bit of information about Reed in time for his birthday.

Without warning the alien ship returns, scans Enterprise, fires weapons and immediately goes to warp again. No one is hurt, but the ship barely escaped serious damage. His frustration growing, Archer wonders aloud to T'Pol why there are so many hostile aliens in deep space. He decides to return Enterprise home so it can be fitted with phase cannons, which were never installed because the ship left spacedock prematurely. Reed and Commander Tucker object, insisting that their own crew can build the phase cannons as proficiently as the engineers at Jupiter Station. But Archer orders the ship to turn around anyway. In the meantime, though, Reed and Tucker are granted permission to get the prototype cannon already on the ship up and running, and build two more from scratch, so they put their team on double shifts to try to finish the job en route.

Meanwhile, Hoshi pursues her "secret mission" by speaking with Reed's best friend, his sister and various other relatives, all to no avail. Heeding T'Pol's suggestion to take a more direct approach, Hoshi sits with Reed in the Mess Hall and casually prompts him for what he likes to eat — causing Reed to think she's asking him for a date. Hoshi retracts in embarrassment, but it's quickly forgotten as the "shadow" ship arrives again and attacks, this time knocking out warp drive, main power and tactical systems. Now that Enterprise is adrift, a shuttle emerges from the alien ship and docks itself in Launch Bay 2. Two bizarre-looking spindly aliens board the ship and roam its corridors. Archer leads a couple of security guards to investigate, and they find the aliens standing over two paralyzed crew members, invading their bodies with some kind of energy emanating from their hands. Archer fires his phase-pistol at an alien twice, but it appears to have a shield around its body that absorbs the beams. The aliens walk away impassively, and the guards pursue while Archer contacts Sickbay. But the invaders quickly leave the ship, and when their shuttle docks with its mothership, the aliens fire again and jump to warp. This time they damage Enterprise's port nacelle and cause it to vent plasma.

As Dr. Phlox stabilizes the victimized crewmen in sickbay, Archer realizes they are overpowered by the aliens and need help. Reluctantly, Archer orders Hoshi to contact the Vulcan High Command for help, but then learns that both of their subspace amplifiers have been destroyed, effectively cutting off all communications. Tensions run high as the crew scrambles to restore impulse power and then warp, and also to arm the phase cannons. Reed convinces Tucker that drawing power from the impulse engines for the cannons is an acceptable risk, and the ship prepares to test the new weapons on a nearby moon. During the test a massive unexpected power surge destroys a huge chunk of the moon and overloads the relays on several decks. Investigating the cause of the surge, the crew discovers a strange device installed in the launch bay where the aliens boarded. Scanning it, T'Pol discovers the device is not only responsible for the surge, but has tapped into every system onboard to effectively "spy" on the ship. Archer therefore speaks into a visual interface, assuming the aliens can see him, and angrily announces that humans don't give up easily. Then he destroys the device.

While things are quiet, Hoshi visits Dr. Phlox, still trying to glean Reed's favorite food. Phlox recalls from Reed's medical records that he has been taking regular injections to counter an allergy to bromelin, a plant enzyme found in, among other things, pineapple. That's all she needs. Soon after, the alien ship comes back and sends a transmission: they have taken Archer's visual message to them and re-constructed it to state, "You are defenseless... prepare to surrender your vessel." Enraged, Archer orders Reed to fire both forward phase cannons. He does, but the alien ship's shields completely deflect the energy beams. Remembering the massive firepower from the former power surge, Archer orders Reed to recreate the surge and fire on the ship again, despite the damage it will cause to Enterprise. He does, and the resulting blast disables the aliens' shielding. Reed immediately fires two spatial torpedoes, which punch a significant hole in their ship. As it vents plasma, the alien ship turns and leaves. Confident their foe has retreated for good, Archer decides not to resume course for home.

As Reed, Tucker and the captain celebrate their victory over drinks in the Armory, Hoshi interrupts to present Malcolm with a birthday cake. Malcolm cuts into the cake and, realizing it's pineapple, wonders how on Earth they knew that was his favorite.

Dear Doctor

Now that the Enterprise crew is communicating regularly with Earth, Hoshi observes that Dr. Phlox is getting more letters from home than anyone else. Phlox has been corresponding with a human medical colleague named Dr. Lucas, who is now serving on Phlox's home planet Denobula. In his letters Phlox shares his observations of human behavior during their first deep space venture, and he mentions his growing relationship with Ensign Cutler, whom Phlox is mentoring to be a part-time medic and who he suspects is romantically interested in him. Phlox is called on to treat two alien astronauts rescued from a disabled pre-warp craft. The astronauts reveal they are from a planet called Valakis, and have been traveling in space for over a year searching for technology to develop a cure for an epidemic that is slowly killing their people. The Valakians appeal to Captain Archer to allow Phlox to help them, and without objection from T'Pol, Archer agrees and sets course for their world.

In a letter to Dr. Lucas, Phlox expresses the overwhelming feeling of taking responsibility for 50 million patients, but he is struck by the human desire to help others. Archer, Phlox, T'Pol and Hoshi visit a Valakian hospital and learn more about the epidemic and their unsuccessful attempts to treat it. They also learn there's a second humanoid species indigenous to the planet called the Menk who are less evolved than the Valakians but are very hard and loyal workers. The Menk have never contracted the disease, so Phlox begins his research with their immunity system, and he recruits Cutler to assist him. On a personal note, Phlox tells his pen pal that the affection Cutler is showing toward him is leaving him perplexed, and he goes so far as to ask T'Pol for advice.  Predictably, T'Pol thinks humans lack the emotional maturity for interspecies relationships. Meanwhile, Archer is getting pressured by Esaak, the director of the Valakian clinic, for a progress report, so he calls Phlox into his Ready Room. Phlox reveals that the illness is not viral or bacterial, but genetic — the proteins that bind the Valakian chromosomes are deteriorating and have been doing so for thousands of years, but the rate of mutation has accelerated over the last few generations, and Phlox projects that the Valakians will be extinct in less than two centuries. Archer wants to know if a cure is possible. Phlox believes that the Menk immunity could be the key, so he sets out to study them further.

With Hoshi and Cutler's assistance, Phlox visits a Menk village to run some tests and take blood samples. The relatively primitive Menk are cooperative, and one helper named Larr even begins to learn English just by listening to the visitors. Cutler and Hoshi start to suspect that the Menk are being exploited by the Valakians, even though the two species have developed a peaceful symbiotic relationship that seems to work. And after Larr organizes the blood samples in a sophisticated way, it becomes apparent that the Menk are more mentally evolved than they've been given credit for. Phlox tries to appease Cutler's concerns by pointing out that alien cultures have different ways. As an example Phlox addresses Cutler's apparent attraction to him, revealing that he already has three current wives back home, which is perfectly normal for his culture. Taken aback, Cutler admits her interest in him, but she doesn't want to be wife number four, only a friend. Meanwhile in the Valakian hospital, Archer visits one of the rescued astronauts, who insists that if Phlox can't cure them the Valakians need to acquire warp engines immediately to seek help elsewhere. This request puts Archer in a very uncomfortable position. Back on Enterprise, Archer relates the astronaut's request for warp drive to T'Pol, ironically beginning to understand how the Vulcans must have felt toward humans 90 years ago. Later in Sickbay, Phlox makes a very troubling discovery.

Meeting up in the Mess Hall, Archer asks Phlox if he's found a cure. The doctor says that even if one could be found, it may not be ethical to administer it, because such a cure would interfere with nature. Based on study of their genome, the Menk show evidence of an evolutionary awakening, and have the potential to become the dominant species on the planet, which won't happen as long as the Valakians are around. Archer counters that they have a moral obligation to help people who are suffering, despite theories of what may happen thousands of years hence. But then Phlox reveals that he already has the cure. Suddenly Archer is faced with an enormous dilemma. After spending the entire night reconsidering, he decides Phlox is right, and makes a decision that goes against all his principles. But he realizes that in the lack of some sort of directive telling him what he can and cannot do out in space, he has to remind himself that they're not out there to play God. He and Phlox deliver medicine to the Valakians to help ease their symptoms, perhaps long enough for them to find a cure on their own, but once again Archer has to reject their request for warp technology. Phlox closes his letter to Dr. Lucas saying that he's gained a new respect for Archer. But his heart is heavy so he takes Ensign Cutler up on her offer to be a friend.

Sleeping Dogs

Hoshi's target practice with Reed is interrupted when Enterprise drops out of warp to investigate a Class-9 gas giant. A probe is launched into the planet's massive atmosphere and to the crew's surprise, it detects a disabled alien vessel with several bio-signs aboard. T'Pol, Reed and Hoshi are dispatched in a shuttlepod to investigate.

When they board the "shipwreck," Hoshi recognizes the writing on the bulkhead — it's Klingon. They immediately draw their weapons and search for the survivors. Entering the dark, spooky bridge, they find several unconscious Klingons. T'Pol recommends leaving before they come to, because the Klingons would kill them rather than face the dishonor of being rescued. But Reed refuses to leave without helping. When they contact Enterprise, Archer decides to give them 20 minutes to see what they can do, because in about half an hour they'll sink to a point where the atmospheric pressure will exceed the shuttlepod's tolerance. Soon after, though, the boarding party is ambushed by a Klingon woman who managed to escape unconsciousness. The Klingon then bolts for the airlock hatch and escapes in the shuttlepod, stranding the three crewmen on the doomed vessel.

The bridge crew sees the shuttlepod approach, and upon hailing it they hear a Klingon voice. The woman, Bu'kaH, is calling her people for warships, declaring that Enterprise has attacked them. Enterprise captures the shuttlepod with the grappler and brings it aboard. Bu'kaH won't be taken easily, though — she puts up a fierce struggle before being knocked out by a phase-pistol. Meanwhile the stranded party decides their only course of action is to restart the Klingon ship's engines and pilot it out. However, using Hoshi's linguistic skills to read the instruments, they realize they're dead in the water. And Archer's plan to bring Enterprise down for a rescue hits a snag when the shipwreck falls to a depth even the starship can't withstand.

In Sickbay, where Bu'kaH is now awake but restrained, Dr. Phlox determines there's a neurotoxin in her bloodstream that will kill her in a day or two. Apparently she escaped unconsciousness because she hid in a cold place on her ship, delaying the effects of the toxin. Archer asks Bu'kaH for her guidance in getting her ship restarted, but the belligerent Klingon accuses him of raiding her vessel and poisoning her crew. Meanwhile Mayweather and Tucker search the Vulcan database and learn the Klingon ship is a Raptor-class scout vessel — it has a very thick hull, but it won't hold up forever under the pressure it's in. Tucker has the idea to reinforce a shuttlepod with duratanium braces in order to mount a rescue. Archer puts him on the task while telling Mayweather to keep an eye out for other Klingon ships. On the Raptor, Hoshi finds a log entry from the ship's captain, which reveals the Klingon crew was fighting a race called the Xarantines and hid in the gas giant to make repairs but the captain did not know why the crew was falling ill. The team also learns the port fusion injector is damaged, so they set out to find engineering. As Reed works there, he becomes dehydrated. Hoshi and T'Pol look for the galley to find water, but instead come across live targs and other Klingon food including a delicacy of live worms called gagh. As Hoshi's anxiety rises, T'Pol takes her hand and guides her through a mental exercise that calms her down. But then the ship shudders as the hull begins to buckle.

Running out of time, Hoshi suggests trying the weapons, and Reed concurs. Meanwhile Archer approaches Bu'kaH again, this time using some Klingon reverse psychology. After informing her that her crew was infected by a toxin in the Xarantine ale they drank—part of the spoils of a raid—he convinces her that she would be letting her crew die a very dishonorable death if she didn't cooperate. She reluctantly lets him take her on the reinforced shuttlepod toward her ship, along with an antidote to the neurotoxin. On the Raptor, Reed is launching the ship's torpedoes one or two at a time in an attempt to stop its descent, but not having much success until Hoshi bravely proposes they fire all remaining six torpedoes at once. The risky tactic works—the ship takes damage, but the shockwave pushes it to a tolerable altitude. Archer and Bu'kaH board the Raptor and he coerces her to work with his crewman until the engines are fixed. The job is done just in time for Archer's team to return to Enterprise before two more Klingon ships arrive. They get a hail from the recuperated Klingon captain, but instead of saying thank you, he orders them to surrender. Archer faces him down, pointing out his ship is weakened and he's fresh out of torpedoes, and he better take what honor he has left and go home. The Klingon obstinately relents. T'Pol, Hoshi and Reed now get to relax in the decon chamber, happy to be away from the smell of a Klingon vessel.

Shadows of P'Jem

Admiral Forrest learns from Ambassador Soval that the sacred Vulcan monastery at P'Jem has been destroyed, a result of Captain Archer's discovery of a surveillance station beneath the sanctuary and his sharing the finding with the hostile Andorians. Blaming both Archer and T'Pol for the incident, the Vulcan High Command decides to remove T'Pol from her position on Enterprise, and arranges to send a ship to take her back to Vulcan.

Upon delivering the news of her reassignment, Archer is disturbed with T'Pol's nonchalant attitude towards her imminent departure. But since she has two days left as part of his crew, he asks her to accompany him on a trip to the capital city of Coridan, a planet already familiar with Vulcans but not humans. Piloting a shuttlepod to the planet's surface, Archer and T'Pol suddenly come under attack by an unidentified aircraft and are taken prisoner. Held inside an old shanty in an unknown location, Archer learns their captors are Coridan rebels who are mounting a coup against the current government, which is kept in power by the Vulcans.

While Archer and T'Pol struggle unsuccessfully to escape their restraints, Commander Tucker is informed by the Coridan Chancellor that the kidnapping is the work of a radical faction who must not be negotiated with, but that the government is doing everything in their power to find the crewmen. Tucker won't sit on his hands, though, so he orders the crew to run scans for the shuttlepod. Just when they locate it amidst a "shantytown" just outside the capital, they are hailed by Traeg, one of the abductors, who demands weapons in exchange for the hostages. While Tucker and Reed consider their best course of action, the Vulcan ship Ni'Var arrives a day early to pick up T'Pol, but then learns of the kidnapping from Tucker. Visiting Enterprise to discuss the situation, the Vulcan captain, Sopek, opts to mount a quick, decisive rescue mission, advising the human crew to stay out of the way. This worries Tucker and Reed, so they discreetly take a shuttlepod to the surface. As they search the Coridan shantytown for their crewmates, they are themselves ambushed and kidnapped. It turns out their captors are Shran and Tholos, two of the Andorians they came to blows with at P'Jem, and they actually abducted Tucker and Reed for their protection. Shran explains that the Andorians are in league with the Coridan rebels, supporting their fight against the Vulcan-backed government, a government he claims to be corrupt. But since the P'Jem incident, Shran has lost sleep over feeling indebted to Archer, so he wants to secure the captain's freedom from the rebels. Shran and Tholos have a plan to break Archer and T'Pol out of the rebel compound, but they would be vastly outnumbered, so they let Tucker and Reed have their weapons back and come along.

The humans and Andorians work together to overcome the guards and infiltrate the rebel compound. Just when they are about to reach Archer and T'Pol, the place is also raided by heavily armed Vulcan commandos, led by Sopek. Suddenly the Enterprise crewmen and Andorians are caught in massive crossfire between the Coridans and the Vulcans. But Tucker and Shran manage to slip by and reach Archer and T'Pol. After helping to untie the hostages, Shran gives Archer back the scanner that contained the incriminating evidence from P'Jem — his debt is now repaid in full. The Vulcans overpower Traeg and the other Coridan rebels and are then met by the humans and the Andorians. While the Vulcans and Andorians face off in intense distrust, weapons trained on each other, Traeg regains consciousness and aims a gun at Sopek. T'Pol immediately throws herself at Sopek and takes a plasma bullet in her flank. After the Andorians return fire and put Traeg down for good, Archer takes the severely injured T'Pol in his arms, refusing to turn her over to the Vulcans, and leads his crewmates back to the shuttlepod.

While T'Pol is treated by Dr. Phlox in Sickbay, Sopek visits and learns the prognosis is uncertain. Archer appeals to Sopek to let her have a second chance, given her heroic sacrifice. He agrees to bring the matter up with the High Command and leaves. When T'Pol awakens, Archer tells her the odds are pretty good she'll be on Enterprise a while longer.

Shuttlepod One

Commander Tucker and Lt. Reed have been on a mission to test the targeting scanners on Shuttlepod 1, requiring them to fly the craft at least 20,000 kilometers from Enterprise. During their trials they experienced an unusual jolt that disabled their sensor array and com system, forcing them to return early to the asteroid field where Enterprise has been engaged in a mapping project. Upon arriving at the rendezvous point, the two men are shocked to find a field of debris on an asteroid's surface, including a hull fragment that is unmistakably a piece of Enterprise.

Meanwhile Enterprise is actually transporting a group of Tesnians back to their homeworld after their ship was mysteriously destroyed in the asteroid field. The Tesnian ship was attempting to dock with Enterprise when it went out of control, tearing off the Enterprise launch bay door and crashing into the asteroid. Fortunately the crew escaped, and Captain Archer expects to reach Tesnia in enough time to get back to the rendezvous point before Tucker and Reed return. T'Pol hypothesizes that the damage was caused by a micro-singularity, which Archer dismisses as a Vulcan myth.

Under the belief that the wreckage is the remains of Enterprise, and with sensor and com systems off-line, Tucker and Reed can only assume the worst, that their crewmates are dead. With only 10 days of air, Tucker decides to set course for Echo III, the nearest subspace amplifier, grimly accepting the fact that at the shuttlepod's sublight speed they will never get a distress beacon out in time to be rescued, but at least Starfleet will know what happened. En route Tucker tries in vain to restore the pod's systems, while Reed spends hours logging letters to family and old girlfriends saying goodbye and tying up loose ends in his life. The two men get on each other's nerves as Tucker's hope that they will somehow be found alive clashes with Reed's more "realistic" pessimism. With nine days of oxygen left, Tucker insists they get some rest. Reed finds himself in Sickbay, with T'Pol seductively congratulating him for his heroics, but unfortunately it's just a dream, which he's torn from as he's awakened by the noise of the receiver Tucker just repaired. Suddenly the pod jolts—the same kind of jolt that knocked out their sensor array earlier—and air starts escaping into space. Using nitrogen gas to find the tiny leaks and leftover mashed potatoes to temporarily seal them, they realize whatever hit them went clear through the pod. And on its way out of the cabin, it was kind enough to rupture one of the oxygen cylinders, leaving them with less than two days of air.

Using valve sealant to permanently fix the cabin leaks, they wonder how such a tiny object could penetrate the skin of the pod that's designed to withstand meteors five times that size. Then Tucker realizes they can buy another half day of air by diverting power from the temperature regulator to the atmosphere recyclers, so the men opt to endure freezing cold. On Enterprise, T'Pol presents evidence to Archer that the Tesnian ship indeed was struck by a micro-singularity, because three of these "tiny black holes" also collided with the polarized Enterprise hull, but dissipated on impact. Though skeptical of her theory, Archer decides it would be dangerous for the shuttlepod to enter the asteroid field again, so he orders T'Pol to hail Tucker and Reed to set a new rendezvous point. Meanwhile, under the stress of extreme cold, the two stranded officers argue over their respective attitudes toward their plight, Tucker accusing Reed of being a "grim reaper" and Reed accusing him of "treacly optimism." But they do come together in a toast for the brave men and women of the Starship Enterprise. As they huddle together under a blanket with a bottle of Kentucky bourbon, they hear a crackling voice on the receiver — it's Hoshi, giving them new rendezvous coordinates. Enterprise is okay! The bad news is, they're still two days away and the pod only has only a day's worth of air, and with the transmitter still out, there's no way to tell them to get there sooner.

Desperately trying to figure out what to do, such as finding ways to extend their air supply, Reed and Tucker realize the math is just not on their side. So their only course of action is to attract the starship's attention to get them to go to high warp. At Reed's suggestion, Tucker agrees to jettison the pod's impulse engine rigged to self-destruct, causing an explosion that they hope will show up on T'Pol's viewer. But doing so leaves them adrift, and they go hours without knowing if their message got through. Finishing off the bourbon with ten hours of air left for two people, Tucker decides to double the odds of one of them surviving, so he climbs into the airlock to seal himself off, but Reed tries to argue him down and even points a phase-pistol at him — he'd rather Enterprise find both of them dead than one, but he's become hopeful things will work out. Tucker relents, and the two men sit side by side in the cold, waiting and shivering.

Reed opens his eyes to find himself in Sickbay, with Archer, Phlox and T'Pol informing him he's suffering from hypothermia, but was rescued with only two or three hours of air left. Reed wonders if T'Pol has something to say to him about "heroics," but she doesn't — this isn't a dream. He turns to the still-unconscious Tucker and acknowledges his fellow officer as his friend.


En route to exploring the Arachnid Nebula, the crew of Enterprise NX-01 is hailed by a civilian Vulcan ship. The ship's captain, Tavin, reveals that his vessel is in need of repairs. Archer offers to help, provided the Vulcans don't mind tagging along for the exploration of the nebula. While the Vulcan engineer, Kov, and Commander Tucker work together to repair the ship, Archer and T'Pol host Tavin and one of his crew, Tolaris, for dinner. Over the course of the meal, Archer and T'Pol are shocked at the emotionally pleasant and open nature of their guests. Tavin explains that he and his crew are referred to as "V'tosh ka'tur" ("Vulcans without logic") by the Vulcan elders. He clarifies that they are on a pilgrimage to explore and incorporate their emotions, to find a balance between emotion and logic.

After dinner, Archer discusses the visitors with T'Pol, wondering why she seems to be avoiding them. T'Pol confesses that she is skeptical of Tavin's quest, saying that attempting to re-integrate emotions into the Vulcan psyche is dangerous. Archer disagrees, and gently suggests that perhaps T'Pol should spend more time with her brethren before she judges them. Later that night, T'Pol encounters Tolaris in the Mess Hall. She is surprised to find that he displays formidable intelligence, presenting convincing arguments for his experiments with emotion. The next day, T'Pol and Tolaris work together in the Vulcan Astrometrics Lab, studying the nebula. Tolaris continues to explain his ideas behind re-integrating emotions, and, basing it as a scientific experiment, suggests T'Pol forego her nightly meditation. Her dreams, he insists, will be much more interesting. That night, T'Pol takes Tolaris' advice and does not meditate before bed. As Tolaris predicted, her dreams are quite interesting ... and provocative. In fact, T'Pol's sensual dream involves none other than Tolaris himself! Disturbed, T'Pol pays a visit to Dr. Phlox, who gives her a minor injection and advises her not to give up on Tolaris' techniques — but perhaps she should take things a bit more slowly.

As T'Pol attempts to deal with her emerging emotions, Archer receives a transmission from Admiral Forrest, informing him that Kov's estranged father is dying, and wishes to make peace with his son. Archer approaches Kov about the matter, but Kov is reluctant to speak with the father. Knowing that Trip and Kov have become close, Archer enlists his chief engineer to convince Kov of the importance of the matter. Kov appreciates their efforts, but insists that he and his father said good-bye a long time ago.

Meanwhile, Tolaris convinces T'Pol to allow him to guide her through her emotional awakening. Later, in T'Pol's quarters, he explains that he will use a "mind meld," an ancient technique that will allow the two Vulcans to share their thoughts and memories. As Tolaris places his hands on her face, T'Pol finds herself settling back into her dream from the night before. As T'Pol's emotions swell, she reaches an uncomfortable point and wishes to end the mind meld. Tolaris refuses, and gets angry when T'Pol tries to break the meld. T'Pol is finally forced to violently tear herself away from him, leaving them both heavily stunned from the mental trauma. Desperately trying to control her feelings of mental violation, T'Pol forces Tolaris to leave.

The next day, Archer confronts Tolaris about assaulting T'Pol. Tolaris tries to dismiss the matter, saying that T'Pol simply panicked during their mind meld. Eventually, Archer goads Tolaris into losing control — the enraged Vulcan throws Archer across the room. Having proven that Tolaris is a dangerous man, Archer firmly suggests that the Vulcans take their leave of Enterprise. Before they set off, however, Kov reveals that, thanks to Trip's persistence, he has contacted his father. As the Vulcans leave Enterprise, Archer pays the recuperating T'Pol a visit in her quarters. The Sub-commander has returned to her meditating — she feels that she will eventually recover, but confesses that she envies the human ability to dream.

Rogue Planet

Captain Archer is eager to investigate the dark surface of a "rogue" planet — one that has broken out of its orbit. Due to hot gas venting from the planet's interior, small oases have formed, and scans show a surprisingly large number of varied life forms within them. Lieutenant Reed also picks up a power signature — apparently, there is an alien ship on the surface, but it is unresponsive to hail attempts.

Archer takes an away team consisting of T'Pol, Reed and Hoshi to the thick, black jungle of the planet's surface. Using their scanners and nightvision technology, the team locates an alien campsite. Archer sends T'Pol and Reed to check out the alien ship, while he and Hoshi stay at the campsite in case the aliens return. As Reed and T'Pol investigate, they are suddenly ambushed by two camouflaged alien hunters. The hunters, however, appear to realize that the two officers are not a threat, and take them back to the campsite. They return to find Archer and Hoshi getting along with the hunters' leader, a man named Damrus.

Over dinner, the team learns that these hunters, the Eska, have been coming to the planet to hunt for nine generations. Interested in learning more about their hunting technology, specifically how they managed to evade his sensors, Reed requests to join the Eska on one of their hunts in the morning. Although reluctant at first, Damrus relents and allows Reed to join them. Reed and Hoshi return to Enterprise to put together some camping gear, and Hoshi remains onboard while Trip takes her place on the planet. While everyone turns in for the night, Archer remains by the campfire to enjoy the fresh air and the stars, and soon falls asleep outside. He is awakened by a strangely familiar female voice calling his name from somewhere just outside the camp's perimeter. Hearing a soft rustling from within the jungle, Archer finds himself strangely drawn to the voice, and steps into the blackness to investigate. He finds nothing and quickly questions whether he imagined the voice, until he turns around to find a beautiful, oddly familiar woman mere feet from his side. She is almost glowing, bathed in an ethereal light. Unfortunately, as soon as Archer turns the harsh glow of his flashlight onto her, she vanishes into the jungle as though she were never there. Returning to the camp, Archer informs everyone of what happened, but the crew and the hunters seem to believe he imagined the incident.

The next day, Reed gears up to hunt with the Eska, while Archer, T'Pol and Trip head off to explore some nearby steam vents. During the hunt, Damrus and one of the other hunters, Burzaan, split off to check out something they call a "wraith," while Reed and the third hunter, Shiraht, continue into the jungle. Meanwhile, Archer spots the mysterious woman again, and follows her. This time, the woman speaks to him, asking for help. Before Archer can figure out what she means, Trip and T'Pol approach, frightening the mysterious woman away. When the three officers return to camp, they find the Eska tending to Burzaan, who was injured during the hunt. Archer offers to have Dr. Phlox take a look at Burzaan, and though Damrus is initially reluctant, he finally accepts Archer's assistance.

While Phlox tends to Burzaan, Archer returns to the oasis he visited earlier with T'Pol and Trip, hoping for another glimpse of the mysterious woman. She finally appears, and Archer learns that she is a telepathic shape-shifter, and that her kind is being hunted by the Eska for sport. They need Archer's help to survive. Enraged, Archer returns to camp to find his away team and the Eska — thanks to Dr. Phlox, Burzaan is healed. That night around the campfire, Archer plays coy in order to gain more information from the Eska. The hunters admit that the prey they've been hunting are shape-shifters — the Eska call them "wraiths." The Eska also admit that they have learned how to take advantage in the hunt: the wraiths emit a chemical signature when they're afraid, and the Eska scanners have been modified to detect that signature. Returning to Enterprise, Archer shares his outrage with the crew, and asks Dr. Phlox if there's a way to mask the wraiths' chemical signatures, shielding them from the hunters' scans. As he has a wraith cell sample taken from Burzaan's wounds, Phlox believes he can find a way. While he's waiting for the results, Archer discusses his mysterious woman with Trip. He brings up a Yeats poem his mother used to read to him, about a man who catches a fish that turns into a beautiful woman, then disappears. The man spends the rest of his life searching for the woman, for his vision of perfection, but never finds her. Archer believes the woman is his own visualization of the woman from the poem. As he thinks about this some more, Archer is informed that Dr. Phlox has made progress.

Later, the Eska pursue a wraith down on the planet. As they corner it, the hunters start firing on the wraith in order to scare it into releasing its telltale chemical. Nothing happens, and then the wraith escapes, melting into the jungle. Realizing they no longer have the upper hand, the beaten hunters return to their ship and leave the planet's surface. When they're gone, Archer has a final conversation with the mysterious woman, who thanks him for the masking agent. Archer wonders why she chose to appear to him as the woman from the poem. She simply smiles, bids him farewell, and reminds him to never stop seeking what seems unattainable.


When the entire crew is rendered unconscious, a quartet of large-eared, bickering thieves invades Enterprise. These plunderers, the Ferengi, are determined to make off with everything that's not bolted down. Meanwhile, Trip awakens after a long stint in the decon chamber and senses that something's not right on the ship. After spotting the thieves in action, Trip does his best to stay hidden and formulate a plan.

The Ferengi awaken Archer by using a hypospray, and proceed to interrogate him about the location of the ship's vault. Quickly ascertaining that the Ferengi's primary emotion is greed, Archer uses this against them while trying to stall for time. Unwilling to strike a deal with Archer, the Ferengi leader, Ulis, takes two of his crew with him to search for the elusive vault, leaving his cowardly cousin, Krem, to watch over Archer and load the stolen goods onto the Ferengi ship. Using the power of suggestion, Archer cautiously plants a seed in Krem's mind — perhaps he should stop taking orders from his cousin and start thinking for himself. Krem ponders this as he shackles Archer to the wall and goes off to get the captain some food and water. Seizing the opportunity, Trip, who has been watching the whole time, goes to Archer and attempts to free him. He is unable to get the shackles off, but Archer has enough time to outline a plan for escape.

Trip heads off to Launch Bay Two, where he finds the hypospray the Ferengi used to resuscitate Archer. He manages to wake T'Pol, but there isn't enough vaccine left to revive anyone else. After Trip explains the situation to her, T'Pol ascertains that an artifact Trip brought back from a recent lunar survey must have been placed there intentionally — it released some kind of gas when she opened it, knocking out the crew. Moving out of sight, T'Pol keeps an eye on the Ferengi intruders via a monitor, while Trip mysteriously places a mag-lock on the Bio-Matter Resequencing hatch. Meanwhile, tensions are running high among the thieves. As they bicker, T'Pol sets off several alarms, causing the Ferengi to become extremely agitated and suspicious of everything and everyone ... including each other. Satisfied, T'Pol moves out to regroup with Trip. Trip, however, is spotted by one of the Ferengi and captured.

The thieves take Trip to Launch Bay Two, where he is reunited with Archer. The two men pretend to be at odds, playing off of one another as if they are greedy Ferengi themselves. Eventually, Trip strikes a deal with Ulis, and convinces the Ferengi to allow him to lead the thieves to the vault. With three of the Ferengi off with Trip, Archer is left to deal with Krem. Faking a back injury, Archer convinces Krem to continue loading the cargo onto Ulis' ship himself. When he gets to the Ferengi bridge, Krem is surprised to find T'Pol waiting for him — she claims to be a prisoner of the humans, and begs Krem to take her away. Using her feminine charms to soothe Krem, T'Pol expertly performs the Ferengi technique known as "oo-mox" ... and then applies an effective nerve pinch, rendering Krem unconscious. After arming herself with a phase pistol, T'Pol moves out quickly. Meanwhile, Trip has led the Ferengi to the Enterprise "vault" — the Bio-Matter Resequencing hatch, equipped with the mag-lock. The greedy Ferengi all jump into the "vault" at once, not trusting each other with the "treasure." Once inside the chamber, they find nothing but an empty room ... until T'Pol jumps out from her hiding place and takes out all three of them with her phase pistol.

Later, the Enterprise crew is revived, and the Ferengi thieves are forced to put back all of the stolen equipment. Though the crew hasn't learned much about this mysterious alien race — not even their name or where they come from — Archer warns them never to approach a Starfleet vessel again. He does, however, give Krem a chance to prove himself — the Ferengi takes command of Ulis' ship and heads out with his fellow thieves in shackles.


Archer, Tucker and T'Pol partake in a spicy dinner with an exotic alien trader named D'Marr, discussing with him their needs for raw materials to patch up Enterprise. In exchange for a few kilograms of an Earth beverage called "coffee," D'Marr reveals the location of an old vessel that crash-landed years ago on a nearby planet, a shipwreck that no one else has salvaged because it's "haunted." The crew locates the derelict ship and goes to take a look, joking that maybe they should calibrate their sensors for ghosts. Breaking into the spooky wreckage, Tucker and T'Pol look for engineering while Archer and Mayweather try to find clues as to what happened to the ship. As Tucker uncovers dilithium crystals he says are in perfect shape, T'Pol sees the reflection of a humanoid figure, who disappears immediately when she turns. T'Pol reports that someone is there, despite the fact that scanners show no bio-signs. She and Tucker spot the figure again and follow him, but find themselves at a dead end. Tucker uses his phase-pistol to cut open the bulkhead, and they discover a lush airponics bay behind it — hidden to their sensors by a dampening field. Exploring the oasis, Tucker is stopped dead in his tracks by an attractive humanoid woman, who immediately rushes away. Tucker and T'Pol chase her into a cargo bay, where they come face to face with 18 aliens pointing weapons at them.

Archer and Mayweather join their crewmates and speak with the Kantare, who inform the team they were a supply ship who came under attack nearly three years ago from unknown assailants and forced to make a crash landing. They didn't send out a distress call for fear the raiders would find them and finish them off, so they opted instead to hide behind the dampening field. Tucker believes he can get their ship flying again, and the Kantare hesitantly agree to the help. While Tucker is working in their engineering section, he is startled once again by the young woman he encountered in the airponics bay, whose name is Liana. She is the daughter of Ezral, the ship's engineer, and she gives Trip some advice about the ship's systems. Her mother, Maya, tries to keep her away from Tucker, but Liana is intent on getting to know the human and learn about his world. As Tucker makes progress on the engines, the ship's captain, Kuulan, asks him and T'Pol to help repair the computer core's optronic relays. Tucker needs to get some diagnostic gear from Enterprise, so he asks Liana to come with him. Her father initially forbids it, but she promises "not to say anything." Meanwhile on the starship, Archer, Reed and Mayweather examine a schematic of the Kantare ship and find discrepancies in their story — for instance, no indications of damage from weapons, and the fact that the airponics bay is not big enough to feed all those people. Archer decides to take a look at a data module they recovered earlier. Tucker is giving Liana a tour of Enterprise when he's called to the captain's ready room. Archer and Reed inform him what they've uncovered: the Kantare ship was brought down not by an attack, but rather an internal malfunction — and it happened nearly 22 years ago! On top of that, they launched several escape pods, and one has been found. Rattled that Liana would be part of such a big lie, Tucker accompanies his fellow officers to the Launch Bay to open the retrieved escape pod, and there he recognizes the desiccated corpse of Shilat, a Kantare he saw alive on the surface just an hour ago.

Archer, Reed and Tucker bring Liana back to the planet and set out to get an explanation. But then the Kantare confront them and confiscate their weapons, demanding that repairs be completed before they'll let Tucker and T'Pol leave. Tucker is forced to work on the optronic relays, held at gunpoint by Shilat. Tucker asks point-blank how a dead man can be guarding him. Liana comes in, orders Shilat to step out and begins to confess the truth. Meanwhile Archer, Reed, Mayweather and a security team embark upon a rescue effort. They invade the derelict ship and get into a firefight with the Kantare, but they are at a disadvantage because the Kantare can appear and disappear at will, and phase-pistol shots pass right through them! Tucker, now knowledgeable of the situation, convinces Liana to stop the firefight. She begins removing datachips from a console, causing each Kantare in turn to shimmer out of existence — except for herself and Ezral.

Ezral confesses to creating holographic versions of his dead crew to provide his daughter with a family to grow up with. He believes himself responsible for the catastrophe that downed their ship, because after an ion storm overloaded the plasma conduits, he left his station to protect his young daughter rather than make repairs, and an explosion resulted, killing half the crew instantly including his wife. He and Liana ultimately were the only survivors, and for years he tried in vain to repair the ship while watching his daughter grow up, so he decided to bring his wife and friends back through holographic technology, and the resulting "oasis" became the only home she's ever known. Archer and Tucker understand his quandary, but they urge Ezral to consider his daughter's best interests, that perhaps this life is not enough for her. Later Ezral visits Archer on Enterprise and, though reluctant to leave the home he created, acknowledges he should stop being so afraid of change, and asks Archer to help him get his ship flying again. Tucker completes repairs and sees Liana off, getting a kiss from her as she looks forward to her new life.


Disoriented, Mayweather slowly awakens to find himself and the unconscious Archer inside a dilapidated prison cell, with no idea where they are or how they got there. Trying the cell door, Mayweather is surprised to find it unlocked, but quickly closes it when he hears approaching footsteps, keeping it open just enough to observe two aliens pass by: Suliban.

With Archer out cold, Mayweather spies around the large complex, finding at least thirty more Suliban throughout. When Archer slowly regains consciousness, Mayweather reports what little intelligence he was able to gather, and the two decide to surreptitiously explore the complex together. Turning a corner the two officers run into a Suliban woman and freeze, not knowing what to expect. Surprisingly, the woman doesn't attack, but rather tends to her own business until a loud alarm goes off, signaling some sort of an inspection time, causing her to stand at attention and wait. Archer and Mayweather follow suit, until a group of alien guards and their leader, Major Klev enter the room and roughly take them to see the man in charge of the complex, Colonel Grat.

In stark contrast to the harsh demeanor of Major Klev, the Colonel is quite hospitable and wastes no time in explaining the strange circumstances in which Archer and Mayweather find themselves. The Colonel is a Tandaran, and when the two Enterprise officers were exploring a moon they trespassed into the Tandaran military zone and were therefore apprehended immediately. Taken back to this prison to be genetically tested the officers were found not to be Suliban in disguise, and therefore are not technically prisoners. However, as they did trespass there must be a hearing in three days time due to strict regulations, before they will be allowed to return to Enterprise.

Ensuring the Captain that the hearing is only a compulsory detail, Grat also promises to contact the Enterprise personally to inform them of their missing crewmen's safety and situation. Unhappy at the situation, but at least having had their questions answered, Archer and Mayweather return to their cell to wait out the three days. Grat does indeed contact T'Pol upon Enterprise, and explains the situation to them with his sincere apologies for the delays. Left a little unsettled as to the safety of their crewmen, T'Pol and Trip wait anxiously as Reed and Hoshi try to trace Grat's signal, but find it scrambled to hide his location. Left with no other choice, T'Pol sets a course for Tandar Prime, the planet on which Archer and Mayweather's trial will take place in three days time.

To his amazement, Archer finds small children being held captive in the prison and expresses his disgust at how one little girl's father could involve her in the Cabal organization. To his surprise the father, Danik replies that none of the imprisoned Suliban are members of the Cabal, but rather are victims of prejudice from the paranoid Tandarans. Archer slowly realizes the complex is not a prison, but an internment camp, similar to the Japanese-American camps in WWII. Befriending Danik, Archer learns more of the plight of innocent Suliban, who aren't involved in the Cabal but still suffer the wrath of the Tandarans by being imprisoned for years in these horrid camps. The Suliban homeworld became uninhabitable over three hundred years ago, scattering the Suliban into a nomadic life, settling where they could until the Cabal ruined it for them all.

Interrupting their lunch, Major Klev takes Archer to Grat's office, where he finds the Colonel much less affable. Studying the files onboard Archer's shuttlepod, Grat discovered the Suliban incident with a Klingon on Earth in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. Additionally, he found Archer's encounter with Sarin, the head of a Suliban resistance cell on the planet Rigel Ten very interesting. Refusing to comment on Grat's outrageous accusations, Archer only angers the Colonel further, who then demands that Archer shares his knowledge of the Suliban. Refusing to be strong-armed, Archer is defiant to Grat's interrogation, and is taken back to his cell with the threat of indefinite detainment for refusing to cooperate.

Contacting Enterprise, Grat informs them the hearing has been postponed, and that they will simply have to wait further. Hoshi is finally able to trace the location of Grat's signal, which Trip uses to convince T'Pol to set a course for the planet. Always thinking of contingencies, Archer speaks with Danik of possible escape from the prison. As three prisoners previously died trying to make it to the hanger where the confiscated Suliban ships are held, Danik is initially against the idea, but slowly considers it as he thinks of his daughter growing up in a prison, and eventually agrees to rally the other Suliban for the attempt. Mayweather tries to make friendly contact with Sajen, Danik's friend, but finds Sajen bitter over Mayweather's preconceptions of the Suliban due to the Cabal's influence. Left to face his prejudices, Mayweather focuses on the escape, while Sajen refuses to risk being killed by a foolish dream of freedom.

Asleep late in the night, Archer is awakened by a communicator being transported into his cell. Finally able to talk to his crew, he informs them of the escape plan to free the Suliban. The next day Archer is taken into Grat's office to reconsider the Colonel's offer. Standing firm, Archer is disheartened when a badly beaten Mayweather is dragged into the room, and Grat holds up the communicator Archer used the previous night from his cell. Still refusing to cooperate, Grat has Archer beaten and thrown into one of the isolation cells. The Colonel then uses the communicator to contact T'Pol on the Enterprise, and warns that his patrol ships will open fire if the Enterprise comes any closer to the planet.

Having Dr. Phlox cosmetically transform Reed into a Suliban, T'Pol hails Grat and stalls just long enough to both jam the Colonel's sensors and transport the disguised Reed into the complex with weapons and explosives. While Reed gets Danik and the others prepared inside the prison, T'Pol engages Grat's two patrol ships, sending them packing with two direct torpedo hits. Dropping the Enterprise out of orbit and into the atmosphere, T'Pol goes low enough for Trip to drop-launch his shuttlepod and head towards the prison.

Simultaneously, inside the complex the prisoners line up for their routine inspection from Major Klev, waiting for the right moment when the Major and his guards are in front of the wall to the outside. Detonating the explosives, Reed knocks out Klev and the guards, while creating their door to freedom. Trip swoops down on the camp in his shuttlepod, firing weapons and destroying the camps exterior defenses. Deep inside the complex Reed hurries to locate Archer in the isolation cells, but just as he opens the cell door he is blindsided by Grat! Dazed, Reed goes down as Grat levels his weapon at Archer, furious at releasing the Suliban not to their freedom, but to their doom as he feels they will either die of starvation and persecution or be forced to incorporate into the Cabal.

Undetected, Reed slowly regains his senses and lunges at Grat's legs, enabling Archer to grab the weapon and take control. Locking Grat into the cell, Reed and Archer head to freedom along with the rest of the Suliban. Watching as the various Suliban ships head off into the depths of space, Archer, Mayweather and Reed wonder about their chances.

Vox Sola

Following an extremely awkward first contact meal with an alien race known as the Kreetassans, Archer struggles to learn what offended his strange guests, while Hoshi works frantically to decipher their incredibly complex language. Unsuccessful at communication, Archer and Hoshi watch helplessly as the indignant Kreetassans return to their ship and disengage. However, the Enterprise officers do not see a fibrous, web-like creature propel itself along the Kreetassan hull, then leap into the Enterprise airlock just as the doors seal shut. Later, as she continues to work on deciphering the Kreetassan language, Hoshi becomes irritated with T'Pol — the Vulcan Sub-commander is trying to be encouraging, but Hoshi finds her analysis of the situation to be condescending. Before she has time to ponder this further, Hoshi notices strange frequency distortions coming from the com system. While they don't seem to be causing any problems, Hoshi informs Trip, who says he'll take a look at the problem in the morning.

Trip heads over to Archer's Ready Room — the chief engineer hopes to cheer his friend up with a tape of the Stanford/Texas water polo match. While enjoying the game, Trip and Archer suddenly receive a call from a panicked Crewman Kelly. Kelly has discovered a strange lifeform in Cargo Bay Two and informs the captain that the creature has captured Crewman Rostov. Archer, Trip, Reed and another security officer race down to the cargo bay, phase pistols ready. The four men are stunned to find Rostov and Kelly completely wrapped in the creature's tendrils. The two crewmen are alive, and Rostov warns Archer to leave. As they turn to go, the creature wraps its tentacles around Archer, Trip and the other security officer, and violently yanks them into darkness. Reed retreats, closing the door just in time to sever the small end of a writhing tentacle.

Reed, T'Pol, Hoshi and Mayweather meet and deduce that the organism must have come from the Kreetassan vessel. Mayweather works on locating the ship, while Dr. Phlox analyzes the organism's severed tendril. Phlox notes that the tendril appears to be capable of surviving independently, and that it possesses a sophisticated nervous system. Hoshi wants to try communicating with it, but T'Pol insists there isn't time, and suggests they neutralize the creature instead. Phlox notes that the creature is highly photosensitive — a sustained burst of EM radiation could potentially stun it. Surreptitiously entering the cargo bay, Reed and his security team strategically position themselves, and then fire the EM radiation at the creature. The organism writhes in pain, emitting shrieks of agony. However, when the bio signs of the trapped crewmembers become erratic, Phlox orders Reed to desist and withdraw. Phlox says that the organism appears to be absorbing the crewmembers' nervous systems into its own. If they keep firing on the organism, they could end up killing their own people.

As the creature bonds itself more permanently to the trapped crewmen, T'Pol has few options left and orders Hoshi to try communicating with the organism. Reed, however, is worried that the creature seems to be growing so rapidly, and suggests using an experimental EM forcefield to limit its growth. On the bridge, Mayweather finally locates the Kreetassan ship and lays in an intercept course. Desperately awaiting rescue, Archer, Trip and Rostov try to maintain their composure while wrapped in the creature's slimy tentacles. Strangely, the trapped crewmen begin to know each other's thoughts, indicating how close the symbiotic creature is to integrating them all into one being.

Meanwhile, Hoshi is exhausting herself trying to decipher the organism's bizarre language. Because the language appears to be something like a "calculus equation," T'Pol offers to lend her background in mathematics to the proceedings. Unfortunately, the two officers aren't getting very far, and Hoshi is increasingly frustrated — especially since she feels that T'Pol questions her judgment at every turn. Fed up with what she sees as constant criticism, Hoshi finally snaps at T'Pol — she thinks T'Pol doesn't believe she belongs onboard Enterprise. T'Pol responds that she actually has a very high regard for Hoshi's abilities ... and therefore holds the ensign to a high standard. Shocked at this revelation, Hoshi suggests a new tactic for deciphering the language and the two women go back to working together, determined to crack the mysterious code.

Back on the bridge, Mayweather is hailed by the Kreetassan captain ... who now speaks English! The captain reveals that the Kreetassans learned the language from the Enterprise database, and apologizes for unknowingly transferring the creature to Enterprise. The captain offers to send the coordinates for the creature's homeworld, but first Mayweather must apologize for the Enterprise crew's grave offense — eating in public. Successfully navigating through the tense moment, Mayweather receives the coordinates and plots a course to the creature's homeworld.

Meanwhile, Hoshi has finally made some progress on the translation. With the experimental forcefield in place, T'Pol, Hoshi, Phlox and Reed enter the cargo bay, and Hoshi attempts to communicate with the creature using the universal translator. Although she has some difficulty at first, Hoshi manages to get the message through, communicating to the creature that Enterprise will take it home. The creature releases Archer and the other crewmembers, and slowly reverts to its original size. Once Enterprise reaches the creature's homeworld, T'Pol, Hoshi, Reed and Phlox take it to the planet's surface. They are amazed to find a much larger organism, one that stretches into the horizon. As the officers look on, the creature and its severed tendril reattach to the parent organism — it is finally home.

Fallen Hero

After ten months without a break, T'Pol notes efficiency onboard Enterprise is down three percent, and suggests a shore leave on the nearby tropical planet of Risa. Archer and Trip agree wholeheartedly and lay in a course to the exotic paradise. However, en route Archer receives a transmission from Admiral Forrest, informing him of a Vulcan Ambassador in need of immediate extradition from the nearby planet of Mazar. The matter is of some urgency, and with the closest Vulcan vessel over a week away Enterprise is to retrieve the Ambassador and deliver her to the Vulcan ship Sh'Raan at a rendezvous point in three days time.

Grudgingly belaying the crew's shore leave, Archer orders Mayweather to lay in a course for Mazar. After Hoshi donates her cabin for the Ambassador's use, T'Pol meticulously prepares the room and crew as to proper protocol in addressing the distinguished dignitary. Despite denying it to Archer, T'Pol is obviously highly anticipating the arrival of Ambassador V'Lar.

Arriving at Mazar, the ship is immediately hailed by a Mazarite Official, who informs Archer there is no need to send a shuttlepod to retrieve the Ambassador, as she is already on her way up. Curious at the extreme urgency of the Mazarites to be rid of the Ambassador, Archer and T'Pol are surprised to hear V'Lar has been expelled for abuse of her position and criminal misconduct. The Mazarite Official will give no further details, and abruptly ends the transmission.

Greeting V'Lar in the shuttle bay, Archer and T'Pol are taken aback at how cordial and friendly the Vulcan dignitary is: actually extending her hand to shake with the Captain and Trip; preferring to speak in English with T'Pol; and wishing to personally meet Hoshi to thank her for the use of her quarters. Over dinner at the Captain's table, V'Lar displays a disarming charm and grace, which she effectively uses to handle T'Pol's somewhat abrupt questions regarding how she intends to defend herself against the criminal charges. To T'Pol's shock V'Lar simply states she doesn't intend to defend herself, as there is no defense to use, and then excuses herself to retire for the evening. T'Pol escorts V'Lar to her temporary quarters for her stay, and there is a discernable tension between the two. T'Pol obviously believes V'Lar to be guilty of whatever crimes she is accused of, as she admitted there is no defense, conduct which is unheard of for a Vulcan Ambassador.

Archer intercepts T'Pol in the hall and addresses her behavior over dinner, but learns T'Pol actually met V'Lar years earlier, and the Ambassador had a profound influence on her life. Archer slowly understands what has been bothering his Science Officer: she is disappointed at her hero's sudden fall from grace. Interrupted from their talk, Archer is called to the bridge to address an unidentified approaching vessel. Answering the ship's hail, Archer speaks to a cordial Mazarite Captain who apologizes for the inconvenience, but it seems the Ambassador left too early and is to be returned to Mazar for further questioning, which he would be glad to do for Enterprise.

Sensing something awry of the Mazarite Captain, Archer stalls and asks for time to contact his superiors, then ends the transmission. Without warning, the Mazarite ship opens fire! Reed works furiously, but the torpedoes have no effect. Dropping out of warp, he fires the pulse cannons and disables the Mazarite ship's engines, leaving Enterprise clear to resume its course. Confronting V'Lar to get some answers, a fuming Archer finds the Ambassador regretfully unable to reveal the truth of her circumstances. Equally regretful, Archer has no choice but to act in the best interests of his crew's safety, and orders Mayweather to set a course to return to Mazar in order to drop the Ambassador off back with the Mazarites. En route, Archer again speaks to Admiral Forrest, who supports Archer's decision, but warns there may be repercussions for his actions.

Meanwhile, T'Pol finds V'Lar in the Mess Hall and joins her. The two discuss several things, including Archer's trustworthiness, and V'Lar recalls meeting T'Pol years ago, noting she was just as presumptuous and blunt then as she is now. Later, T'Pol informs Archer that V'Lar confided in her enough to know they must not return her to the Mazarites, or she will be killed. Despite being unable to learn anything more, T'Pol uncharacteristically displays passion in asking Archer to risk the crew's safety for the Ambassador by continuing to rendezvous with the Sh'Raan.

Trusting his instincts and seeing T'Pol's commitment to her words, Archer agrees and resumes his intercept course with the Vulcan ship. Nearly immediately, Enterprise comes under attack from three Mazarite ships. Outnumbered, Archer opts for flight and pushes Enterprise to her limits in a race to stay out of the Mazarite's weapons range long enough to rendezvous with the Sh'Raan. With the engines straining at warp four-point-five, Trip is unsure how long they will be able to hold their speed, much to Archer's chagrin as the Mazarite ships are all still steadily gaining on Enterprise.

Ambassador V'Lar suddenly asks to speak with Archer in the privacy of his ready room, and confesses the truth of her mission: she was to infiltrate the Mazarite government and gather evidence against corrupt officials, then testify against them in three months time. Her reputation was intentionally sullied with false allegations in an attempt to make the Mazarites believe she would no longer be a credible witness, thus leaving her alone long enough to testify.

Seeing that Enterprise cannot outrun the Mazarite ships, V'Lar wishes for Archer to drop out of warp so she may surrender herself for their safety. Finally understanding the importance of V'Lar to the Vulcan and Mazarite governments, Archer refuses to give up the fight until the very end, and resolves to push the ship to its limits in order to save V'Lar's life. Mayweather informs Archer the Mazarite engines are also overheating in the strain to keep up the grueling pace, but they're continuing to close in on Enterprise. With no choice, Archer orders a reluctant Trip to push it all the way to warp five.

Enterprise trembles from the strain, but the Mazarite vessels continue to gain. Sending a message to the Sh'Raan to meet Enterprise at maximum warp or it will be too late, Hoshi estimates the Vulcan ship should arrive within twelve minutes. Reluctantly realizing he has no choice but to drop out of warp or explode from the strain, Archer sends V'Lar to Sickbay. Stalling for time, Archer informs the Mazarite Captain that thanks to their weapons fire, Ambassador V'Lar suffered extensive plasma burns and is in critical condition.

Allowing the Mazarites to board Enterprise and go to Sickbay to see for themselves, where Dr. Phlox gives a surprisingly impassioned performance to save the life of his patient. The Mazarite visitors are unmoved, and fire their weapons into the chamber they believe is holding V'Lar in stasis. The Vulcan ship Sh'Raan arrives and threatens to destroy the Mazarite ships unless they surrender their weapons immediately, which they do. At this point, V'Lar appears and Archer's ruse is exposed. Rescued at the last minute, V'Lar is seen off the ship by Archer and T'Pol. With no more secrets between them, the three are finally able to fully appreciate the gravity of their sacrifices for each other, and a grateful V'Lar departs to continue her mission.

Desert Crossing

After a brief detour, Enterprise and its crew are back on their way to famed pleasure planet Risa. Everyone is eagerly anticipating a long overdue shore leave ... until they pick up a distress call from an unidentified vessel, and vacation is once again delayed. After figuring out that the vessel's warp injectors are simply clogged with plasma residue, Trip gets to work repairing the engines while Archer enjoys a visit with the ship's captain, a ruggedly charismatic alien named Zobral. Hailing from a nearby desert planet, Zobral invites Archer and Trip to his home for a dinner in their honor. Though Archer is reluctant to accept the invitation since it means delaying shore leave yet again, he eventually relents, charmed by Zobral's persistence. Later, Archer is surprised to find Trip unenthusiastic about the invitation. The chief engineer confesses that he's hated desert environments ever since their harsh survival training in the Australian outback. Archer, however, manages to convince Trip to come along.

The two officers take a shuttlepod to Zobral's village, where they are greeted warmly by Zobral and his aides. Dinner is served, and Trip and Archer enjoy the myriad of exotic tastes while Zobral showers them with hospitality. Zobral also makes a curious remark about the Suliban — a remark that indicates he knows the Enterprise crew has encountered the alien race before. Before Archer can question Zobral about this, a bell rings, signifying the start of a Geskana match. This futuristic game is something like lacrosse, played with a glowing ball of energy and two large goal hoops. While Archer and Trip are enjoying the brutally physical match, the crew on Enterprise is hailed by a city on the far side of Zobral's desert planet. T'Pol finds herself speaking with Chancellor Trellit, an abrupt city official who wants to know why the shuttlepod from Enterprise traveled to Zobral's village. T'Pol explains that they were invited. Astounded, Trelit informs T'Pol that she will most likely never see the officers again.

T'Pol immediately contacts Archer, interrupting the Geskana match, and informs him that the Chancellor claims Zobral and his men are terrorists, responsible for numerous attacks on civilians within the city. Based on his impression of Zobral so far, Archer doubts the validity of the Chancellor's claim, but still opts to play it safe and politely makes his excuses for him and Trip to exit the match and return to Enterprise. Sensing Archer's ruse, Zobral confesses: his people have been oppressed by the Chancellor's people for years. Zobral has been fighting a losing battle for their freedom, and he wants Archer's help. It seems that Zobral already knows of the captain, having talked to some Suliban who were recently liberated from a detention camp by a heroic and cunning warrior named Jonathan Archer. As Zobral is explaining his plight, attack cruisers from the city begin bombarding the village. As their shuttle would be an easy target, Zobral convinces Archer and Trip to take refuge inside his bunker. Unfortunately, the attack intensifies, destroying the bunker and forcing Archer and Trip to head out into the desert wasteland.

Back onboard Enterprise, T'Pol argues with the obstinate Chancellor, who suspects Enterprise of assisting the terrorists in their war. The Chancellor threatens that any vessels launched from Enterprise will be considered the enemy and fired upon. Additionally, Reed's sensors are rendered useless by an orbital dispersion field.

The next morning, Trip and Archer traipse through the vast desert, attempting to find shelter before the heat gets worse. Trip, who bruised some ribs in the Geskana match, is having a much harder time with the trek than Archer. When a large cruiser from the city suddenly passes overhead, the two men hide themselves from its sensors just in time, and the threat of detection forces them to keep moving, even though Trip needs rest. As the two men continue their journey, Archer notices that Trip is slowly becoming delirious from heat exhaustion. The two officers, however, must press on.

Meanwhile, a vessel hails Enterprise — it's Zobral. With no other option, T'Pol allows him to dock. After Reed sets the record straight about what happened at the Suliban detention camp, Zobral realizes Archer is not the invincible warrior he was told of. Reed, who has been trying to come up with a way to reach the surface undetected, learns Zobral's shuttle came through a narrow gap in the orbital detection grid, which occurs every 46 minutes, but only lasts for a short time. After Zobral insists the technical maneuvers to navigate the gap without detection are very difficult, T'Pol tries to convince him of his responsibility to help them find Archer and Trip.

Down on the planet, Archer and Trip finally make it to an abandoned structure in the desert. As Trip fights off heat stroke and dehydration, Archer attempts to keep his friend talking, hoping that Trip won't lapse into a coma. Their conversation is interrupted, however, when their shelter comes under attack and begins to collapse. Meanwhile, T'Pol has convinced Zobral to help her locate the missing officers, and along with Reed, they're scanning the surface in a shuttlepod. Reed picks up weapon fire, which they realize is meant for Archer and Trip. Flying low, the shuttlepod fires on the alien weapons, and then locates the two officers. T'Pol helps them into the shuttlepod, and they take off. Back on Enterprise, T'Pol and Archer bid Zobral farewell. Though Archer feels Zobral's cause is worth fighting for, he knows that they cannot get involved. As Zobral leaves, T'Pol assures Archer that he made the right decision.

Two Days and Two Nights

Finally arriving at planet Risa, the weary Enterprise crew eagerly embarks on a long overdue shore leave on the tropical paradise for two days and two nights. As some of the crew needs to stay onboard and run the ship, Captain Jonathan Archer institutes the drawing of lots to determine who can take leave. Winning a vacation himself, Archer feels both guilty for taking a break and also suffers from premature separation anxiety for leaving the Enterprise. With the comfort of T'Pol remaining onboard, the Captain is finally able to board the shuttlepod along with Trip, Reed, Mayweather and Hoshi. Everyone seems to have quite varied agendas for their short time on the planet: Mayweather plans to do some rock climbing on a cliff that changes pitch while you climb it; both Trip and Reed plan to meet some of the female aliens and ... broaden their cultural horizons; Hoshi feels she has had to rely on the Universal Translator far too much, and therefore plans to put her linguistic skills to the test with the various alien languages she hopes to encounter; while Archer booked a small cabin overlooking the ocean, and simply plans to relax with a good book and Porthos. Once the shuttlepod lands on Risa, the eager crewmates all go their separate ways.

Soon after arriving at his cabin, Archer discovers a wrapped Vulcan book on meditation, a gift to help him relax from T'Pol. Chuckling, Archer steps onto the deck to take in the breathtaking vista, and notices a beautiful alien woman and her dog in the cabin just below his. Their eyes amicably meet for a moment, and Archer senses the possibility of an unexpected romantic element to his vacation. Later, Archer hears Porthos growling as the alien woman's dog finds its way onto his porch. When the woman tracks her dog down, Archer seizes the opportunity and strikes up a conversation. The two hit it off and with Archer learns her name is Keyla and that this is the first trip to Risa for both of them. He invites Keyla to dinner, but she is forced to take a rain check due to a previous engagement. As she leaves, Archer senses promise in the air.

Viewing the stars from his deck later that evening, Archer is pleased to find Keyla on his doorstep, having just finished her previous engagement. The two discuss their respective homeworlds and pasts, but Archer senses a strong hesitation from Keyla to share the details of her own history. Continuing their discussion over breakfast, Archer learns the Suliban massacred Keyla's entire family. When Archer admits he has encountered the Suliban, Keyla suddenly floods him with questions. Hesitant to reveal any privileged information, Archer is surprised by Keyla's tenacity. Sensing something suspicious, Archer surreptitiously takes a bio-scan of Keyla and runs it through the Enterprise computer for a match. Confirming his suspicions, Archer discovers Keyla is actually a Tandaran, the same species that unjustly ran a Suliban concentration camp. Confronting Keyla with the truth, Archer refuses to let her leave until she tells him who sent her ... but his questions go unanswered when Keyla renders him unconscious by pricking him with some type of anesthetic. Waking in the morning Archer finds Keyla long gone, and sadly packs his bags to rendezvous with the shuttlepod to return to the Enterprise.

Meanwhile, Hoshi finds a friendly indigenous couple and practices her Risan with them at a quaint restaurant. As the couple bids her farewell, Hoshi is approached by a charming and handsome alien who couldn't help but overhear her previous conversation. Introducing himself as Ravis, the two hit it off, and Ravis wonders if Hoshi has ever met a language she couldn't learn ... indicating his native language might just be her Achilles heel. Up to the challenge, Hoshi convinces Ravis to both join her for lunch and attempt to teach her his extremely complex native language. Finding the language nearly impossible to learn, Hoshi's impromptu lesson continues into the night until she finally gives up on learning it in only one day. Seeing Hoshi is a little tense from her concentration, Ravis invites her to join him in the exotic steam pools to melt her tension away. A little flattered and nervous, Hoshi gives into carpe diem, and accepts Ravis' invitation. The next morning, Hoshi rolls over to find a very happy Ravis in bed beside her. Sad that she has to leave to rendezvous with the shuttlepod, the lovers lie in each other's arms, knowing that other than their time ending too soon, they wouldn't change a thing in their otherwise perfect vacation.

Elsewhere, Trip and Reed immerse themselves in a rocking nightclub, filled to the rim with exotic alien females of every description. The two bachelors have trouble targeting their prey, when suddenly the decision is made for them as two gorgeous women join them for a drink. Introducing themselves as Dee'Ahn and Latia, the flirtatious women find everything about Trip and Reed fascinating. After several rounds of Risan drinks, the women invite the fairly inebriated Reed and Trip to view the nearby subterranean gardens, filled with luminescent plant-life. Letting the ladies show them the way, Trip and Reed are led into the basement underneath the bar. Sensing something amiss, Reed questions the ladies as to how the basement could lead to a garden when suddenly the ladies turn around and demand all of the men's valuables. Still shocked and fairly intoxicated, both Reed and Trip sober up fairly quickly when the "ladies" morph right in front of them, turning into grotesque and decidedly male aliens! Held at phaser-point, Trip and Reed are helpless as the aliens tie them up and mug them. Finding their prey to be of no more value, the muggers shoot the officers unconscious and leave them tied up in the club basement for the night. Waking up in the morning with a killer hangover from both the alcohol and the phaser-blasts, Trip and Reed find themselves very much alone as the club shuts down in the daytime. Preferring not to be discovered by the Captain tied up and in their skivvies, the two spend the day frantically searching for a means of escape from their awkward predicament. Eventually smashing a nearby bottle to saw through their ropes, the officers awkwardly make their way through the then crowded club on their way back to their hotel room to pack for their return to the Enterprise.

In Sickbay, Dr. Phlox prepares to take his annual hibernation. Normally requiring six days of deep sleep per year, Phlox informs T'Pol he should be fine with only two days, and he has prepared Crewman Cutler to handle any medical situations in the meantime. Although it would not hurt Phlox to be prematurely awakened from his hibernation, he states it would be highly unpleasant and he would prefer it not to happen unless absolutely necessary. Time flies smoothly, until Mayweather contacts Enterprise and requests a shuttlepod to pick him up as he had a slight accident rock climbing. First arriving at a Risan hospital, Mayweather felt uncomfortable being treated by a doctor who has never even heard of a human before, and wished to be seen by his familiar Dr. Phlox. After arriving back on the Enterprise, Mayweather is unnerved by the absence of Phlox, but is assured by Cutler that she can handle his broken leg. The ensign also notices some trouble breathing, however, and Cutler diagnoses him having a reaction to a painkiller the Risan doctor gave him. Mayweather's reaction worsens and causes swelling which threatens to cut off his air supply, which forces Cutler and T'Pol to awaken the hibernating Phlox. After Cutler applies the appropriate hypospray, Phlox snaps out of his sleep however, the doctor is extremely disorientated and somewhat delusional due to being prematurely awakened. With the assistance of Cutler and T'Pol, the somewhat incoherent Phlox makes his way to sickbay and diagnoses the extremely concerned Mayweather. Despite his mental cloudiness, Phlox determines the problem and creates a suitable antidote for Mayweather's reaction. Once administered with the hypospray Mayweather immediately feels better, but is unable to thank the doctor as Phlox immediately collapses back into hibernation!

On Risa the next morning, the Enterprise crew members take the shuttlepod back to their ship. Each having a story to tell, but not necessarily divulging what they got up to just yet.

Shockwave, Part I

Eager to visit the deep-space colony of a race called the Paraagans, Captain Archer leads an away team toward the surface of an alien planet. While piloting the shuttlepod into the atmosphere, Reed proceeds cautiously as he follows the Paraagan landing protocols precisely, a necessity due to the high concentration of the volatile gas tetrazine at a certain altitude. He closes the shuttlepod's plasma vents as instructed (exhaust plasma being the only thing hot enough to ignite the tetrazine), but just then the shuttlepod is rocked by a deafening explosion, and a massive shockwave scorches the planet beneath them. After getting back to Enterprise safely, the distraught team learns the colony of 3600 people has been obliterated, and tries to figure out what happened. Reed is absolutely certain both plasma ducts were closed without malfunction, but Archer orders an investigation while he braces himself to report the incident to Admiral Forrest. While the crew continues its analysis and Archer deals with intense feelings of guilt, Forrest convenes an emergency meeting of the Command Council. He later informs Archer that Enterprise is to return home, and a Vulcan ship will rendezvous with them in three days to pick up T'Pol and Dr. Phlox.

The crew is despondent and frustrated not only that their own mission is cancelled but that Starfleet has been set back 10 or 20 years. T'Pol reports to Archer that Reed and his team have found an unidentified energy signature on the shuttlepod hull, but he dismisses the evidence as inconsequential. The captain climbs into bed after a very bad day, but when he calls for Porthos he gets no response. Turning the lights back on, he is bewildered to find himself in his apartment in San Francisco! Trying to figure out what's going on, he hears the com chirp, and receives a call from Tucker — the exact same call he remembers getting 10 months prior, the day before Klaang was found in the Broken Bow incident. A familiar voice in the room tells Archer he's not dreaming — and he turns to see Daniels, the time-travelling operative who was supposedly killed by the Suliban Silik. Daniels apologizes and explains that he needs to talk with him, and chose this time period to "hide" from certain factions involved in the Temporal Cold War. He further explains that the explosion at the Paraagan colony was historically not supposed to happen, that it was caused by someone who doesn't want Archer's mission to succeed.

Archer wakes up back in his quarters on Enterprise, his head now reeling with new information. First thing he does is get Reed to use a phase discriminator to expose an alien component that was attached to their shuttlepod, one designed to generate a plasma stream. Archer then orders his senior staff to create two quantum beacons with certain specifications, and to turn the ship back toward the Paraagan colony — he is now able to assure his crewmates that they weren't responsible for the accident. Archer has a specific plan, and it involves unlocking the quarters Daniels used when he was masquerading as a crewman, in order to retrieve a database containing schematics for a Suliban Stealth Cruiser.

Once they arrive at the planet, Archer then directs the ship to a binary system 2.5 light-years away, and then to a specific moon. The quantum beacons are deployed toward specific coordinates, and on the viewscreen the crew sees exposed a cloaked Suliban cruiser. They approach, and before the Suliban has a chance to fire weapons, Enterprise lets loose a barrage of fire from their phase-cannons and torpedoes, crippling their cloaking generator, weapons and engines. Archer, Tucker and T'Pol quickly take a shuttlepod to board the Suliban ship. Using stun grenades and other tactics to fight off the Suliban crewmen, the team finds their computer core, and Archer retrieves three data discs. With help from Reed's weapons on the starship, the team is able to make a harrowing escape. Once aboard, Archer has Mayweather immediately set course for the Vulcan ship they are to rendezvous with.

T'Pol and Hoshi are able to decode and translate the data disks, which reveal the Suliban were indeed responsible for the explosion that destroyed the Paraagans. Archer reports the finding to Forrest, who is baffled how he obtained this evidence but pleased he did, and tells him to proceed to the Vulcan ship as quickly as possible. Meanwhile at a Suliban helix hidden in a nebula, Silik reports the incident to the mysterious man from the future who controls the Cabal. The man orders Silik to bring him Archer, and must not fail. On Enterprise, Archer tries to explain his story to T'Pol, who refuses to believe it because the Vulcan Science Directorate has concluded that time travel is impossible. Just then the bridge crew notices an instability in the ship's warp field. Suspicious, Archer orders the quantum beacons deployed, and they discover they're surrounded by a swarm of cloaked Suliban cell-ships. They are hailed by Silik, who warns he has them easily outgunned, and demands that Archer give himself up to one of his ships. He gives Archer five minutes or he will destroy Enterprise. Caught in a corner, Archer puts T'Pol in command, asking her to be open-minded about things that may seem impossible, and glumly steps into the Turbolift to head for the docking port. When the Turbolift opens, he steps out into a decimated corridor — he is no longer on Enterprise! He is now in some alien building that has been utterly ravaged, with an eerie wind whistling through it.

Meanwhile Silik informs Enterprise that the captain's time is almost up — but there is no trace of Archer! So the whole swarm of Suliban ships prepares to destroy their warp core.

In the alien building, Archer finds himself at the edge of the bombed-out floor before a devastating vista, a once beautiful city transformed into a post-apocalyptic nightmare, burnt-out shells of skyscrapers spread out as far as the eye can see. Daniels is there, this time in his native clothing. Rattled like he's never been, Daniels says that he was just having breakfast there half an hour ago, then was instructed to bring Archer to his time — the 31st century — because the timeline wouldn't be safe if he boarded that Suliban ship. The sequence of events did not occur the way they were supposed to. Archer volunteers to go back and take his chances with Silik, to prevent this devastation from occurring, but Daniels reveals that all his equipment, including the time portals, have been destroyed. There's no way to send him back.