VOY Saison 5

Voyager saison 5 : les épisodes



The U.S.S. Voyager has entered a desolate region of space with no star systems in sight for two years, and the crew is slowly going crazy. The only activity in this vast expanse is some high levels of theta radiation. With nothing to distract her mind from its deepest thoughts, Janeway has retreated to her quarters and is agonizing over her past decisions that brought the crew to the Delta Quadrant. Suddenly, the ship loses power and is left in total darkness.

Once Kim and Tuvok get back partial power, they determine that a dampening field caused the power drain. Meanwhile, Paris is attacked by an alien in the holodeck, and Chakotay encounters one in the corridor. When emergency power is activated, three alien ships can be seen surrounding Voyager. They don't answer hails and begin firing until a larger ship forces them to retreat.

The pilot of the friendly ship, Emck, informs Janeway that thousands of the alien ships are ahead, but he can lead Voyager through a spatial vortex that will take them to the other side of the expanse unharmed. In return, he wants the alien they have in sickbay. Janeway questions the wounded "night being," who is dying of theta radiation poisoning. He explains that his people were living a peaceful existence in the void when the Malon began poisoning them. A course is set to take him home, and soon Voyager is surrounded by his vessels. As he is beamed back, the night alien pleads with Janeway to help them close the vortex and protect their space.

The crew observes the Malon ships are using the void as a dumping ground for their antimatter waste. Janeway offers Emck the technology to purify their reactant, but he refuses to cooperate because such innovations would put him out of business. A decision is reached to close the vortex, but it has to be done from inside the void. Janeway announces that the crew will proceed through the vortex while she stays behind in a shuttle and closes it, but her senior staff refuses to carry out orders to sacrifice her. Instead, they will close the vortex just after entering it. It will cause a major shockwave, but they are confident Voyager can make it to the other side.

As Malon ships begin firing, both of Voyager's engines are taken off-line. They continue toward the vortex to find a Malon freighter attempting to block their path, but night alien ships attack and distract it. Voyager scores a direct hit against the freighter then enters the vortex, deploying torpedoes to seal the entrance. The shockwave carries them to the other side, and the vortex is destroyed. Finally, Voyager emerges from the darkness into a star field full of light and life.


As his away team is beamed back to Voyager, some parts of the Doctor's mobile emitter fuse together, so Torres takes it to the science lab. Unseen, the emitter sprouts Borg implants. When Ensign Mulcahey enters the lab the next morning, he is attacked by extraction tubules. Meanwhile, Seven of Nine's proximity transceiver is activated, alerting her to a Borg presence on the ship. She finds Mulcahey in the lab, along with a Borg maturation chamber containing a fetal drone.

Seven determines that when she and the Doctor were transported, some of her nanoprobes infected his emitter. It was assimilated, and the Borg used Mulcahey's genetic code to create a lifeform. As it continues to mature at a rapid rate, the drone is observed to be mostly human, with many implants. The emitter is part of his central nervous system and gives him 29th-century technology. His connection with the Collective is dampened, and Seven attempts a neural interface to give him instructions. Instead, he tries to assimilate her knowledge.

Because a neural link is too dangerous, the drone, who chooses "One" as his designation, uses Borg data nodes to assimilate information. He quickly absorbs knowledge of the ship's systems and begins expressing curiosity about the Borg. Seven fears he will be tempted to seek out the Collective and refuses to answer his questions. As she and One regenerate in their alcoves, the Borg pick up One's signal and set a course to intercept Voyager.

When Voyager detects the approaching Borg, Seven discovers that One's cranial implants created a secondary transceiver to signal them. Janeway and Seven have no choice but to describe to One the Collective's destructive mentality and explain that with his technology, the Borg would be even more dangerous. The Captain asks him to help strengthen Voyager's defenses, but One is confused. He is intrigued by the Collective, yet he senses its evil. There is no time left to discuss the matter, however, as a Borg ship approaches.

One hears the voice of the Collective, but he chooses to save Voyager from destruction. He beams to the sphere to interface directly and disrupt it from within. When his superior technology accesses the navigation system, he steers the sphere into a nebula, destroying it. One survives and is beamed to sickbay, where he refuses to let the Doctor operate to save him because he knows the Borg will keep pursuing him. He doesn't want to put the crew in danger, so he allows himself to die.

Extreme Risk

When one of Voyager's probes is pursued by a Malon ship, Janeway orders that it be steered into a gas giant. After the Malon ship follows and implodes, it is obvious Voyager cannot go in to retrieve the probe. Paris has conceived a new technologically advanced shuttle — the Delta Flyer — that could withstand the giant planet's atmosphere, and Janeway gives him permission to work with the rest of the crew on building it. Meanwhile, Torres begins pulling away from the others. She activates a holodeck simulation of battle with Cardassians but disengages the safety protocols.

Another Malon ship approaches Voyager, and Janeway is hailed by an alien named Vrelk. He tells the Captain his ship is going to retrieve the probe, and she should stand down. She ignores his threats until Seven of Nine, using neutrino beams to spy on the Malon vessel, discovers they are building a shuttle of their own. It can also withstand the giant's atmosphere, and it's scheduled to be operational before the Voyager crew finishes their shuttle.

The crew steps up the pace of construction, and Seven's intelligence shows they are in a dead heat with the Malon to finish the vessels. When Torres runs a shuttle simulation in the holodeck to check for a fatal flaw, she once again disengages the safety protocol. The atmosphere of the gas giant begins to cause microfractures in the shuttle, and Torres is knocked unconscious. Just before the hull breaches, Chakotay arrives and freezes the program.

Once Torres is taken to sickbay, the Doctor finds old wounds that went untreated. Chakotay learns she has been running very dangerous holo-simulations without the safety protocols. When confronted, she admits she has been testing herself, trying to experience an emotion or feel pain. Ever since she and Chakotay received the Starfleet message telling them their Maquis friends had been slaughtered, Torres has felt numb. Suddenly, Voyager is attacked by the Malon, who are firing to create a distraction as they launch their new shuttle.

Janeway is forced to launch the Delta Flyer ahead of schedule and attempt to retrieve the probe first. Torres persuades Chakotay to let her accompany the away team. When the Malon begin firing charges at them, Seven's torpedo scores a direct hit, forcing them to retreat. Once Kim locks a tractor beam onto the probe, the shuttle begins losing structural integrity. Just as the hull breaches, Torres creates an ingenious device to trap the incoming gas in a containment field. The Delta Flyer returns to Voyager safely, and Torres is on her way to feeling whole again.

In the Flesh

Conducting a surveillance mission of an alien structure, Chakotay finds himself on Earth at Starfleet Headquarters. He is surrounded by aliens posing as humans, and strikes up a conversation with one of the women, Commander Valerie Archer. Later, when Chakotay and Tuvok are on their way back to the Delta Flyer, an alien Ensign tries to detain them for being in a restricted area. Unwilling to risk their cover being blown, they beam him back to Voyager.

When Janeway questions him, the Ensign kills himself by releasing a toxin into his bloodstream. The Doctor triggers a genetic reversion, and the body on the biobed turns into a Species 8472 alien. Analysis of their ship's structure shows the aliens are using a combination of holographic projection and particle synthesis to recreate Earth and Starfleet Headquarters. The crew surmises it is being used as a training ground for invasion of the Alpha Quadrant.

Seven of Nine discovers Species 8472 has adapted to Borg nanoprobes. As she works to modify them, Chakotay, Paris and Kim take the Delta Flyer back to the Earth simulation so Chakotay can keep a date planned with Archer. He plans to use her to find out more about the mission against the Federation. After Chakotay leaves her quarters, Archer analyzes a DNA sample and discovers that he is human. Once security is alerted, Chakotay is taken into custody.

Paris and Kim notify Janeway of what has happened and pilot their shuttle back to Voyager. The Captain sets a course for the alien ship, and is armed with modified nanoprobes but is unwilling to use them unless provoked. When she threatens the habitat leader — who is in the body of Starfleet groundskeeper Boothby — with the Borg nanoprobes, he agrees to a meeting.

With both sides gathered to discuss their differences, Janeway and Boothby find there is room for negotiation. Judging from Voyager's collaboration with the Borg against them, Species 8472 believed humans were a hostile force planning an invasion. Janeway explains that her crew did not know at the time that the Borg had started the war with their species; Archer then reveals that their Earth simulation is only a reconnaissance mission. They feared humans as much as the Voyager crew feared them. After agreeing to share technology as a first step toward peace between their species, the 8472 beings return to fluidic space, and Voyager continues on its journey home.

Once Upon a Time

While Paris, Tuvok and Ensign Wildman are on an away mission, their shuttle runs into an ion storm and suffers severe damage. Voyager tracks their distress call to a nearby planetary system, but another storm is blocking their path. As the crew prepares to go after the Delta Flyer, Neelix is in charge of keeping Ensign Wildman's daughter Naomi occupied and unaware of her mother's predicament. When Paris finally crash-lands the shuttle onto a planetoid, Wildman is seriously hurt.

Buried three kilometers under the rock surface, Wildman is bleeding internally and needs surgery. Back on Voyager, Kim tracks the Delta Flyer's coordinates on the planetoid. There are no lifesigns, but rescue teams are dispatched to the crater in search of the lost crew. Naomi is worried when her mother doesn't call, but Neelix tries to distract her with a holodeck fairytale called "The Adventures of Flotter."

The prospect of telling Naomi that her mother is lost brings back sad memories for Neelix of losing his own family. Although Janeway urges him to be honest with the little girl, he wants to wait until the away teams find the shuttle. When Naomi wakes up in the middle of the night and goes to the bridge in search of Neelix, she overhears talk of the crash and the lost crew.

Neelix finds Naomi in the holodeck with Flotter and Trevis, characters in the interactive fairytale, and tries to comfort her about her mother's situation. He also tells her about losing his own parents and sisters when he was very young. As their life support system begins to fail, Paris, Tuvok and Wildman record goodbye messages to their loved ones. Above them, Chakotay and Seven of Nine locate the shuttle buried underneath the rock. A massive digging effort begins, but an ion storm is approaching, and they don't have much time before it hits.

With two minutes to go until their oxygen is depleted, the Delta Flyer crew hears the rescue team digging above them. Kim is able to get a transporter lock on the shuttle, and it is transported to Voyager just before the storm hits. Once Wildman's injuries are treated in sickbay, she and Naomi are reunited, and mother and daughter pay a visit to the "Forest of Forever" together.


Chakotay and Kim are on an ice planet investigating the crash site of Voyager. It is the future, and the entire ship and crew are frozen inside a glacier. Once they are beamed inside, Chakotay finds the long-dead Seven of Nine and summons the pilot of his shuttle, Tessa, to transport her aboard. Kim uses Starfleet technology to access Voyager's computer and activate the Doctor's program. When he demands to know what has happened, Chakotay tells him they are there to change history.

Flashback to the crew celebrating the completion of Voyager's quantum slipstream drive. The next day they will set a course for the Alpha Quadrant at a speed never before imagined. However, Paris finds a phase variance in the threshold that causes the slipstream to become unstable. Kim volunteers to take the Delta Flyer a few seconds ahead of Voyager in the slipstream. He can map it and send the phase variations back to the ship in time to make corrections. Janeway agrees to take the risk and assigns Chakotay to fly with Kim.

Fifteen years later, Chakotay and Kim explain to the Doctor what happened. Kim transmitted the wrong variance, forcing Janeway to make an emergency landing that killed the crew on impact. Kim and Chakotay made it back to Earth, but when Starfleet gave up their search for Voyager, they decided they had to find a way to correct their mistake. They stole a Borg temporal transmitter and the Delta Flyer from Starfleet, and now they can use Seven's Borg interplexing beacon to send a new set of phase corrections back in time to the crew. Just as Chakotay downloads Voyager's sensor logs, a Galaxy-class starship arrives in search of the thieves.

Captain Geordi La Forge of the U.S.S. Challenger hails Chakotay and tries to talk him out of altering the timeline, but Kim and the Doctor continue to work feverishly on Seven's Borg implant. Once the Doctor pinpoints her time of death, they use the temporal transmitter to send the phase corrections four minutes prior to Voyager's crash. In the past, Seven receives and inputs them, but the slipstream continues to collapse. Just outside of the Alpha Quadrant, Voyager crashes onto the ice planet.

When Kim realizes his phase corrections still didn't work, he doesn't have time to find his mistake. Tessa disengages the Delta Flyer from the Challenger's tractor beam, but the shuttle's warp core begins to breach. With only seconds to spare, Kim transmits a phase correction to Seven that will disperse the slipstream entirely, just as the Delta Flyer explodes. On Voyager, both the ship and shuttle are thrown out of the slipstream, effectively erasing the future. Later, Janeway informs Ensign Kim that a log entry was found encoded in the transmission to Seven: a message "from Harry Kim ... to Harry Kim.

Infinite Regress

When the U.S.S. Voyager encounters a Borg vessel's debris field, sensors also detect a Borg neural interlink frequency. Meanwhile, Seven of Nine hears voices in her head that cause her to change personalities. One minute she is a Klingon hunting for food, and the next she is a little girl wanting to play a game. No one realizes what is happening until Seven, acting as a Klingon, attacks Torres. She is contained in a forcefield but becomes a little girl again. When she suddenly begins speaking Klingon and turns on Tuvok, the Vulcan is forced to stun her with a phaser.

Once in sickbay, Seven's cortical inhibitor is suppressed so she will not react to the voices. The Doctor discovers that Seven's implants are storing new neural patterns of species the Borg assimilated. After arriving at the debris field, the crew finds the source of the interlink frequency — a vinculum. A processing device that interconnects the minds of drones, it is sending a damaged signal to Seven and must be taken off-line. After Janeway agrees to beam it aboard so it can be disabled, Seven finds an alien organism inside that attacks technology by creating a virus.

Seven determines that Species 6339 carried the virus in their bodies and spread it to the Borg cube when assimilated. After her inhibitor begins failing, Seven experiences even more new personalities and must be sedated. Torres and Tuvok target the vinculum's transneural matrix with a dampening field, but it only adapts to the technology and returns to full power. At that point, Seven's own neural pattern is erased.

When Janeway locates a Species 6339 vessel, their leader demands she return the vinculum. They unleashed the virus to spread to all cubes, and they want to return it to the debris field so the Borg will retrieve it. Janeway refuses to do so until Seven has been cured, so Voyager comes under fire from the alien vessel. Meanwhile, Seven's cerebral cortex is under incredible strain, and the Doctor fears that he may never be able to retrieve her neural pattern. Tuvok decides to engage in a Vulcan mind-meld to isolate her true self and guide it to the surface.

As Tuvok enters Seven's chaotic mind, he struggles to find her among the sea of screaming people. He glimpses her being restrained by Klingons and other aliens, but he can't reach her. In Engineering, Torres remodulates the dampening field and finally manages to disable the vinculum. Once it is beamed out to space, the alien vessel ceases its attack. All of the other neural patterns in Seven's mind become dormant, and she and Tuvok return safely from their mind-meld.

Nothing Human

When Voyager encounters a massive energy wave, the ship receives a download of information. The crew tracks the wave's ion trail and finds a stranded vessel with a wounded alien on board. Once the creature is beamed to sickbay, Torres finds that it uses biochemical secretions to give commands. Suddenly, the alien attacks Torres, puncturing her neck and secreting fluids into her bloodstream. Unaware of how to extract the creature without harming Torres, the Doctor and Kim create a hologram of a leading exobiologist named Crell Moset — a Cardassian.

In order to crack the coded message downloaded to Voyager, the databanks from the alien's ship must be accessed. However, the vessel destabilizes and explodes before Seven of Nine can retrieve them. Meanwhile, the Doctor and Crell determine the alien is using Torres as a life preserver by co-opting her vital systems. They re-create Crell's laboratory in a holodeck so he can use his more advanced tools to help Torres, but she objects to putting her life in the hands of a Cardassian.

Unable to decipher the alien's message, Janeway retransmits the signal on all subspace bands hoping more of its species will answer the call. In Crell's laboratory, he and the Doctor operate on a hologram of the alien and find nodes suggesting the creature is a highly intelligent being. Crell decides the nodes are the best place to administer a neurostatic shock, which will incapacitate the alien and probably kill it. Later, the Doctor is shocked when a crewmember, Tabor, reacts violently to Crell's presence on Voyager and calls the Cardassian a mass murderer.

Tabor reveals that during the Bajoran War, Crell used live subjects for his medical experiments and killed hundreds of Bajorans. Although barely hanging on to life, Torres refuses to let Crell treat her. She believes if she benefits from his research, she will be validating his atrocious methods. However, the Doctor cannot remove the alien without Crell's help, and Torres will die otherwise. Against many moral objections, Janeway authorizes Crell to perform the procedure.

As the Doctor and Crell work to extract the creature, Voyager is hailed by one of the alien vessels. They lock the ship in a tractor beam, but Janeway senses they only want their friend back and mean no harm. In surgery, the Doctor overrides Crell's decision to kill the alien and instead administers a neural shock that weakens its motor control without permanent damage. As its tendrils withdraw from Torres, its metabolism is restored and it is beamed to the waiting ship. Left to make a tough decision, the Doctor decides to delete Crell's program from Voyager's database.

Thirty Days

Confined to 30 days in the brig, Paris composes a letter to his father explaining how he got there. He flashes back to the day Voyager's sensors detected an ocean in the shape of a planet. After Janeway communicates to the Monean leader, Burkus, that her ship means no harm to his people, he and Riga are beamed onboard. They explain that their people live underwater, farming sea vegetation and extracting oxygen for their ships, but now it is losing containment, and they don't know how to stop it. Paris requests permission to take the Delta Flyer to the center of the ocean, where the gravitational currents are located, and investigate.

After researching the Moneans' predicament, Janeway tells Burkus the ocean will suffer a complete loss of containment in less than five years. Meanwhile, deep beneath the ocean's surface, the shuttle crew encounters an ancient field reactor controlled by a core computer. As they upload information from it, the Delta Flyer is attacked by an enormous marine creature discharging an electrical current. It retreats when hit by a phaser, but the shuttle has already been breached, and water begins pouring into the cabin.

Once the leak is repaired, the shuttle crew determines the reactor core is unstable, so Paris initiates a power transfer as a temporary solution. Reviewing the uploaded information, he finds the ocean was once part of a landmass inhabited by a very advanced civilization. They used a kinetic transfer system to draw the water around the reactor, but it is not responsible for the containment loss. Instead, Paris determines it is the Moneans' mining operation that is destroying the ocean.

Janeway offers Burkus several solutions that would make the refineries obsolete, but he only plans to include them in a subcommittee report. Paris is distraught over the ocean's destruction and feels Burkus doesn't understand the magnitude of the crisis. Forbidden to disrupt the internal affairs of an alien race, Paris instead convinces Riga to take the oxygen refineries off-line, and the two commandeer the Delta Flyer.

Janeway immediately orders Paris to cease his mission. When he refuses, she prepares to modify a photon torpedo as a "depth charge" to stop him. Once they reach the reactor, Paris and Riga launch their missile at the same time Voyager fires. Paris' missile is deflected, and he is brought back to the ship and reduced to the rank of ensign. Once he finishes the letter to his father, he files it in his personal log to be sent when Voyager is within Earth's range.


Passing through Devore space, Voyager is stopped for inspection. The Devore Imperium considers all "gaharay," or strangers, to be suspect, and vessels in their space must be searched. They are looking for telepaths, who they believe break the cardinal rule of trust by reading minds. Janeway has rescued Brenari refugees bound for a detention center and is hiding them in transporter suspension.

A transport vessel is waiting in a nebula to rendezvous with Voyager and take the refugees to a wormhole leading out of hostile territory. Suddenly, the Devore inspector, Kashyk, hails Janeway. Seeking asylum on her ship, he reveals he is aware of the refugees she is hiding and that the wormhole is a trap to catch ships smuggling telepaths. Voyager will be intercepted by a squadron unless Janeway allows Kashyk to stay onboard and help her evade the Devore.

Although Kashyk provides the crew with valuable information to use against his people, Janeway keeps him under tight security in case the Devore are using him to find the wormhole. They track down Torat, an expert on wormholes, who tells them the one they are looking for is a random occurrence. He provides coordinates of the last four appearances, and by applying an algorithm of subspace harmonics, Janeway and Kashyk find the counterpoint — the site of the next wormhole. Although the Devore use a scanning pulse array to track ships, Voyager's power output will be lowered beneath the detection threshold and drift by the sensors.

When the pulse triggers a variance in Voyager's antimatter stream, the ship is detected. Two warships approach, but Janeway plans to fight all the way to the wormhole. Then, Kashyk announces that in order to guarantee the safety of the crew and refugees, he is going back to his ship. The Brenari will hide once more, and then he will lead an inspection team through Voyager before the wormhole appears. Before Kashyk leaves, he and Janeway kiss.

Once Kashyk and his inspection team board Voyager, Janeway secretly tells him they have located the wormhole off the port bow and the refugees are in transporter suspension. Kashyk immediately reveals that he has double-crossed her, and he orders a proton torpedo fired at the wormhole to destroy it. However, after it is fired, Kashyk realizes he is the one who has been betrayed. The real wormhole is in another location, and the refugees have snuck away in shuttles and traveled through it. Kashyk, not wanting the failure on his record, refuses to report the incident and allows Voyager to resume its course.

Latent Image

As the Doctor takes holo-images of the crew, he finds evidence of neurosurgery he performed 18 months ago on Kim. However, he doesn't remember it. The Doctor asks Seven of Nine to help him run a self-diagnostic, but later he doesn't recall their conversation. Someone has ordered a deletion in his short-term memory buffer, and holo-images he took around the time of the surgery have been deleted. When Seven restores them, a female ensign they don't recognize is pictured with others in the crew, and one picture is of an alien on their shuttle.

Once Seven restores some of his memories, the Doctor recalls pieces of events from the pictures. When he remembers the alien boarded their shuttle and shot Kim and Ensign Jetal, he immediately tells Janeway. She agrees to investigate but tells the Doctor to deactivate his program for the time being. Before he does, he orders the computer to take holo-images of anyone who accesses his files while he is off-line and then reactivate him. Shortly, someone comes into sickbay to delete more files. When the Doctor develops the holo-images taken, it is Janeway.

The Doctor confronts Janeway, who tells him that he was damaged during the incident with the alien. It caused a conflict in his program, so she was forced to restrict his access to memories of that period. The Captain refuses to tell him what happened, and now that he is starting to remember, she plans to rewrite his program. After Seven challenges her decision and she has had some time to think about it, Janeway agrees to restore his memories.

Scenes from the pictures come to life. The Doctor, Kim and Jetal were on a shuttle mission when an alien ship attacked. Their shuttle was boarded, and the alien shot Kim and Jetal. Once Voyager beamed them to sickbay, the Doctor discovered the alien's energy pulse had remained in their neural membranes, and the only way to save them was to isolate the spinal cord from the brain. There was only time to perform one procedure, and the Doctor chose Kim.

After Jetal's funeral, the Doctor began having a breakdown. Now that he has remembered everything, he begins agonizing over the same question of how he could choose one life over another. There is a battle going on between his original programming and what he has become. The crew keeps vigil with him, hoping that eventually he will forgive himself and learn to accept his decision.

Bride of Chaotica!

In the midst of Paris' latest holodeck installment of "The Adventures of Captain Proton," Voyager runs into a gravimetric force and stops. A layer of subspace is acting as a sandbar and disrupting the ship's warp field. When distortions appear in the holodeck, the crew believes they are random fluctuations. However, while the program runs unattended, two men claiming to be from the Fifth Dimension beam down and are questioned by Doctor Chaotica. After one of them transports back to the distortion, Chaotica vows to destroy their dimension.

When weapons fire from the holodeck creates power surges on Voyager, Paris and Tuvok investigate the Captain Proton simulation. A battle has taken place, and the scenario's robot tells them invaders from the Fifth Dimension have entered through a portal. Suddenly, photonic charges begin emanating from the distortions, and Chaotica fires back with his death ray. As Paris and Tuvok gather information from Proton's ship, they encounter one of the men from the alternate universe.

Although they explain that Planet X is only a photonic simulation with which he has intersected, Paris and Tuvok can't convince the trans-dimensional alien that Chaotica's army of evil is not reality. Paris suggests to Janeway that they help the aliens defeat Chaotica so they will leave and Voyager can resume course. Janeway will play the role of Arachnia, Queen of the Spiderpeople, and charm her way into the villain's Fortress of Doom. Once inside, she will deactivate the controls of the death ray and his lightning shields, leaving Chaotica vulnerable to Proton's "destructo beam."

Posing as the President of Earth, the Doctor convinces the alien that Captain Proton needs his help. The alien agrees to cease firing and return to his realm once Proton has defeated Chaotica. Meanwhile, Janeway's Arachnia almost has Chaotica convinced to lower his shields when he becomes suspicious, and she is forced to pull a ray-gun on him. He confines her to a containment ring and fires his death ray on Proton's approaching ship. On the bridge, Torres realizes the power surges from the holodeck are pulling Voyager deeper into subspace.

Arachnia has one weapon left — her irresistible pheromones. She uses them to lure a guard into setting her free and then kills all of Chaotica's men. Defenseless, the evil doctor must deactivate his shields, allowing Proton to score a direct hit with his destructo beam against the death ray and Chaotica. Then, the distortions close, and Voyager is realigned with normal space. Another chapter of "The Adventures of Captain Proton" comes to an end ... or does it?


When Tuvok and Paris crash their shuttle, their signal to Voyager is bounced back by the distortion field that drew them into the gravity well. Stranded on a planet stuck in a pocket of deep space, they meet a female named Noss. She is attacked by an alien species of scavengers, but Tuvok overpowers them and befriends her. Once she brings them to the wreckage of her ship, Paris reactivates the Doctor's mobile emitter and brings him on-line to translate Noss' language. She tells them she has seen many ships fall from the sky, but none have gone back up.

As Noss learns their language and begins communicating with them, Paris shares stories of Voyager with her. When he notices that she likes Tuvok, he encourages his friend to pursue his mutual feelings for her. However, Tuvok remembers his schooling with the Vulcan master. He was taught that love is the most dangerous emotion, and that all emotions should be suppressed.

Back on Voyager, the ship is almost pulled into the sinkhole. When Janeway realizes the shuttle must have succumbed to it, she prepares to send in a multispatial probe to investigate. Suddenly, a vessel approaches, and they are hailed by Yost. He informs them that eleven of his ships have been lost in the distortion, and it will be sealed the next day. Chakotay locates the shuttle's distress signal, but he also finds that Tuvok and Paris are experiencing a temporal differential. A day to Voyager could mean weeks or months to them. In addition, the planet's gravitational distress is increasing, and the sinkhole is on the verge of collapsing.

After Tuvok and Paris are ambushed by the scavenger aliens, Noss lovingly tends to Tuvok's wounds. When she kisses him, he stoically rebukes her advances and hurts her feelings. Later, Tuvok tries to explain to Paris that his time with the Vulcan master trained him to ignore his illogical emotions. Meanwhile, Torres modifies the probe into a transporter relay and manages to send a communication signal to Paris and Tuvok's distress beacon. They receive the transmission telling them a transporter beam will be sent in 30 minutes, which is a little over two days in the differential. As they wait for their rescue, aliens surround them.

Tuvok and Paris are barely able to fend off the photon grenades of the aliens before Voyager's transporter relay beams them to the ship. Noss is taken to her homeworld, but before saying good-bye, Tuvok employs a Vulcan mind-meld to show her the feelings buried deep inside him.


Seven of Nine returns from a survey to find the crew has discovered what they think is a wormhole leading to Earth. A probe detects Starfleet signals containing letters full of good news to the crew. Although sensors detect erratic neutrino levels in the wormhole, Starfleet says the flux is unimportant. Suspicious of everyone's unfettered optimism despite signs the anomaly may not be all it appears to be, Seven accesses Janeway's logs. At first the captain reports that scans determined the wormhole was a deception, but in supplemental logs, Janeway suddenly believes it is real.

When Seven locates an alien vessel in the wormhole not detected by Voyager's sensors, she hails it. The alien, Qatai, warns her that her ship is being deceived, but they are cut off when Janeway routes power from the lab to another system. When Naomi Wildman tells her everyone is acting strangely, Seven realizes they are the only two unaffected by whatever is manipulating the crew. Soon, the crew is ordered by Starfleet to take the Doctor off-line to avoid system interference, and to put Seven in stasis to avoid attracting Borg attention while Voyager passes through the wormhole.

As Chakotay escorts Seven to her alcove, she tricks him and erects a forcefield to contain him. With Naomi's help, she keeps security at bay while she transports to Engineering and stuns Torres with a phaser. After erecting another forcefield, Seven attempts to shut down the impulse drive to keep Voyager from entering the wormhole. However, Janeway transmits a surge to the engineering console that knocks Seven out.

Once they enter the anomaly, the crew is unconscious. When Naomi wakes Seven, the two hail Qatai and convince him to beam aboard. He explains the crew has been a victim of psychogenic manipulation. They are inside a bio-plasmic organism, a beast that consumes starships by telepathically preying on their crews' desires. Qatai has been trying for years to destroy the creature, not always successful at evading its deceptions.

After activating the Doctor's program, Seven informs him that Voyager is being devoured in the digestive chamber of the organism. Realizing that bodies are designed to expel foreign objects, they plan to fire one of Qatai's tetryon-based weapons at a pocket of antimatter released from Voyager's warp core. It creates an unpleasant reaction that causes the beast to expel the two ships through its esophagus. Once Janeway and the others regain consciousness, Voyager resumes its course to the Alpha Quadrant, but Qatai returns to the beast, obsessed with defeating it.

Dark Frontier, Part I

After Voyager manages to destroy a Borg probe, Seven of Nine finds data nodes filled with tactical information among the debris. With it they locate a heavily damaged scout ship nearby, and Janeway decides to plan a "heist" — invade the Borg vessel while its defenses are down and take its transwarp coil, which will shave 20 years off Voyager's journey. The crew will create a diversion, then send an away team in to steal the technology. Hoping to find information that will give them a tactical edge, Janeway assigns Seven to study her parents' field notes that Voyager recovered from the U.S.S. Raven.

Once she begins studying her parents' logs, Seven remembers their encounters with the Borg. She was only a small girl at the time, but she vividly recalls their fascination with the mysterious Collective. Meanwhile, Voyager catches up with the scout ship. The sphere's shields and transwarp drive will be off-line for the next 72 hours, allowing the crew only a short time to plan the mission.

During a holographic simulation, Janeway and the others practice their mission down to the second. They have only two minutes to disable the sensor grid and transport the coil to Voyager before being detected. After leaving the holodeck, Seven is unsettled by her close proximity to the Borg, even if it wasn't real. When Naomi Wildman begins asking her questions about the Collective, Seven hallucinates that the Borg have accessed her neural transceiver and know about Janeway's plan.

Further memories of her parents' mission reminds Seven of their arrogance in underestimating the Borg, which eventually led to their assimilation. Based on the Hansens' description of a bio-dampener in their notes, the team replicates the technology in order to go undetected on the sphere. Asserting that she is willing to risk her own well-being for the sake of the crew, Seven persuades Janeway to assign her to the away team despite the Captain's reservations.

The mission goes as planned until Seven once again hears the voice of the Collective luring her back to the hive. In a sudden change of heart, she refuses to transport back to Voyager with the others, and Janeway is forced to leave her before she is assimilated herself. The sphere returns to Borg space with Seven onboard, and the Borg Queen welcomes her back to the Collective ...

Dark Frontier, Part II

After being lured back to the hive during Voyager's mission to steal a transwarp coil, Seven of Nine is trapped on a Borg vessel. The Borg Queen informs her that the Borg "allowed" Voyager to liberate her from the Collective, but she won't be turned back into a drone because they want to study her memories. With her individuality intact, the Borg can look through her eyes to help them assimilate humanity. Meanwhile, Janeway discovers that Borg signals were being sent to Seven in her cargo bay alcove.

Determined to rescue Seven, Janeway leads an away team in the Delta Flyer to find the Borg sphere that took Seven away. They use the stolen coil to take the shuttle into transwarp space, and incorporate multi-adaptive shielding based on the Hansens' field notes from the U.S.S. Raven to go undetected by the Borg.

As Seven is given her first assignment to assist in the assimilation of a species, she secretly helps four of the individuals escape. The Borg Queen scolds her, saying that her human emotions of compassion and guilt are weaknesses that are causing her pain. However, when Seven pleads with her to let the getaway ship escape, the Queen grants her request.

After the away team follows the sphere into Borg space, Janeway prepares to send a message to Seven through her Borg interplexing beacon. The Queen gives Seven a new assignment — to assist in the programming of nanoprobes that will assimilate humans. The Borg plan is to detonate a biogenic charge in Earth's atmosphere, and Seven will be turned into a drone if she does not comply. Taunting her, the Queen reveals that one of the drones standing next to her is Seven's father. Suddenly, Janeway's signal comes through, and the Queen discovers it.

As the Borg adapt to Voyager's shielding, Janeway is forced to beam to the vessel and disable the shield matrix around the Queen's chamber. While Paris eludes the other ships, Janeway confronts the Queen and orders Seven to leave with her. A dispersal field is formed around the chamber to block the Delta Flyer's transporter beam, but Seven tells the Captain to target the power node above the chamber. This disrupts the Queen's command interface, and Janeway and Seven are beamed to the shuttle. They quickly enter a transwarp conduit, but not before a Borg vessel sneaks in behind them. On Voyager, Chakotay and Torres fire a full spread of photon torpedoes at the conduit threshold, collapsing it just as the shuttle bursts through. The Borg ship is destroyed, and Seven is home again.

The Disease

As Voyager helps a generational ship of Varro repair their warp drive, Kim and a female Varro, Tal, become attracted to each other. Knowing that Kim is violating several rules of protocol, they sneak away to Tal's quarters to be together. While they are making love, light flickers just below the surface of their skin. Later, the luminescence returns to Kim's skin, and Seven of Nine insists he go to sickbay.

When the Doctor thinks he has contracted a virus, Kim confesses to his intimate relations. Janeway is notified, and she orders him to stop seeing Tal. The Captain believes that Kim has put the crew's relationship with the Varro at risk. After Kim tells Tal the luminescence returned, she explains it is what they call olan'vora, or the shared heart. The more time they spend together, the harder it will be to part. He tries to leave, but they kiss instead. Meanwhile, Tuvok and Neelix discover a Varro male hiding in one of the Jefferies tubes. When questioned, he reveals he is seeking asylum on Voyager. He says many Varro feel imprisoned on their ship and there are rumors of a violent movement to leave it.

After finding microfractures in Voyager's hull, Seven and Torres discover silicone-based parasites are present. They are synthetic and believed to be an act of sabotage. First planted on the Varro ship, now the parasites have migrated to Voyager. On the shuttle, Kim and Tal secretly rendezvous and fly to a nearby nebula. When Tuvok tracks them down, he informs them both to report to Voyager.

A schematic for the parasite was found on Tal's personal database, and she reveals the dissident group is dismantling the Varro ship. The parasites are targeting the linkage between segments, which will break off into separate ships and allow people to choose whether to stay or go. When Janeway explains the decay will cause decompressive explosions, Tal agrees to slow down the parasites long enough for the ship to be evacuated. Janeway orders Kim to sickbay to treat the bio-chemical bond he has developed with Tal, but he refuses. As they argue, the Varro ship experiences structural breaches, and Voyager is unable to separate from it.

With only minutes before collapse, Janeway agrees to Kim's suggestion to extend Voyager's integrity field around the Varro ship and buy them more time for evacuation. Once completed, Voyager detaches, and the Varro vessel breaks off into several separate ships. Their leader, Jippeq, is forced to let the dissidents seek out their own path. After he and Tal say good-bye, Kim refuses to take medicine for his lovesick condition, preferring to let the pain remind him of the happiness he felt.

Course: Oblivion

Just after B'Elanna and Tom Paris say their wedding vows and prepare for a holodeck honeymoon, Torres discovers a problem in engineering. After further investigation, she finds one of the Jefferies tubes is losing molecular cohesion due to subspace radiation from the warp drive. Suddenly, Torres becomes violently ill. When Paris brings her to sickbay, they find several more crewmembers in the same condition.

The Doctor diagnoses Torres with acute cellular degradation and explains that her chromosomes are breaking down at the molecular level. Meanwhile, Chakotay and Tuvok pinpoint an event that could have caused their problems. They encountered a bio-memetic compound — the "silver blood" — on the Class-Y "demon planet" they visited about a year earlier. When they left that planet, the crew's DNA was copied, and duplicates of themselves stayed on the planet to begin a new population. However, after the Doctor injects a dichromate catalyst into her deceased body, Torres disintegrates into the metallic compound. Chakotay and Tuvok realize they are all the duplicates, and not the "real" Voyager crew.

Unwilling to travel thousands of light-years back to the demon planet, Janeway plans to forge ahead toward the Alpha Quadrant and hopes to find a solution to the rapid degradation. When sensors detect a Class-Y planet, the crew readies the ship to land, knowing that the planet's atmosphere is the only thing that may keep them alive. However, a vessel suddenly appears that warns them to leave and begins firing.

Voyager is unable to sustain the hits from the firing ship and must retreat. When Janeway orders the crew to search for another demon planet, Chakotay tells her they are questioning her command. The crew is beginning to remember their existence before Voyager, and to them, Earth isn't home. After Chakotay's neural pathways start to destabilize, he dies in sickbay. Close to death herself, Janeway decides to turn the ship around and set a course for the demon planet.

A few weeks away from the planet, Janeway dies. As acting captain, Kim tries his best to hold the ship together with the help of Seven of Nine — one of the only other remaining crewmembers — and to fulfill Janeway's request to store the ship's database in a signal beacon so at least the crew's accomplishments won't be forgotten. Failing to accomplish that, Kim and Seven detect an approaching vessel. Kim orders Seven to eject the core so they can drop out of warp and hail it. But the force of doing so causes the ship to disintegrate, and the approaching vessel — the real U.S.S. Voyager — comes across the mysterious debris. Curious about the distress signal they were receiving, the real crew can only make a note of the event in their log.

The Fight

As Chakotay lies in sickbay, struggling to communicate with aliens with whom he is linked, he flashes back to the events that brought him there. He is in a boxing holodeck simulation when he is knocked out. Shortly after, Voyager is pulled into chaotic space, where the laws of physics are in flux. Shear forces may destroy the ship unless they redesign their sensors to work inside the disturbance. Suddenly, Chakotay begins hallucinating and hearing voices from the boxing ring calling to him. When he swings at Tuvok, he is subdued and taken to sickbay.

Voyager locates a ship adrift with no lifesigns aboard. Its last distress call reveals the captain began hallucinating just like Chakotay. The Doctor surmises Chakotay has a genetic marker for a cognitive disorder, and the dead captain had a similar experience when the protein insulation in his neural pathways was stripped. All of it is apparently caused by chaotic space, and Chakotay insists on taking a vision quest to learn more. Attached to a cortical monitor, he suddenly finds the aliens communicating through him. They tell him Voyager entered chaotic space through a trimetric fracture, and they must alter their warp field to escape.

When he can no longer hear the aliens, Chakotay re-enters his vision quest at the suggestion of the Doctor. He sees his grandfather, who suffered from the same auditory and visual hallucinations to which Chakotay is predisposed. Scared of becoming a crazy old man, he is continually pulled back to the holodeck boxing ring and an unseen opponent named Kid Chaos. Stuck in the vision quest, Chakotay is suddenly interrupted by the Doctor, who takes him back to sickbay.

In the Astrometrics Lab, Seven of Nine finds a pattern in the form of an isolinear frequency. Janeway realizes it is a nucleotide resonance frequency designed to activate DNA. She believes the aliens may be on a perceptual wavelength unknown to the crew, and their senses must be altered in order to communicate. Given this chance to make first contact, Janeway allows Chakotay to go back to the boxing ring, where he thinks the aliens are trying to tell him something.

Back in the ring against Kid Chaos, Chakotay begins piecing together the instructions he is receiving. His fear of losing control almost causes him to block out the voices, but the Doctor convinces him he must give in to it. Once the aliens tell him how to modify the deflector, Chakotay carries out the directions on the Bridge as the graviton shear quickly increases. Suddenly, Voyager's sensors set the correct course, and the ship is returned to normal space.

Think Tank

As Voyager approaches a strange planetoid, the ship is rocked by its explosion and enveloped in a cloud of methion gas. Suddenly, a Hazari vessel is upon them, and Seven of Nine explains they are bounty hunters hired to capture alien crafts. When Janeway eludes the ship and it doesn't follow, she soon learns why — there are many reinforcements throughout the sector waiting to overtake Voyager. Late at night, a strange alien pays a visit to Janeway and introduces himself as the answer to her problem.

Kurros explains he is part of a small group that seeks out problems to be solved. His "think tank" believes Voyager's challenge with the Hazari can be handled without weapons. When Janeway and Seven visit Kurros on his ship, they see his incredibly advanced technology and meet the other strange lifeforms, each with an intellectual specialty. Once Janeway agrees to do business with him, Kurros reveals Seven is one of the items from Voyager that he wants as payment.

When Seven hears the offer from the think tank, she talks to Kurros herself. He appeals to her quest for perfection, but she declines to join his group. Soon, the Hazari attack Voyager again, but Kurros gives Janeway some tactical advice that forces them to retreat. When he tries to use that favor as leverage to convince Seven to change her mind, Janeway realizes she now has two enemies on her hands.

Once the crew lures a Hazari vessel into Voyager's tractor beam, they download information from the database and discover Kurros hired the bounty hunters. Janeway explains to the Hazari alien that they are both being manipulated by Kurros and convinces him to work with her in tricking the think tank. The crew devises a plan to lure Kurros out of hiding by pretending Seven has decided to join his group. She will then link with their internal communications array, disrupting their systems and preventing them from functioning. After the ruse is in place, the Hazari contact Kurros and persuade him to increase their bounty to bring in Voyager.

Janeway tricks him into believing Seven has left Voyager to join his think tank, but Kurros soon senses a trap has been laid. When he forces Seven to link with his telepathic technology so he can read her mind and discover Janeway's plan, a carrier wave is transmitted via her cortical implant. This creates interference and blocks his entire communications system. Once the think tank is decloaked, the Hazari converge on it as Seven is beamed back and Voyager leaves at warp speed.


When the U.S.S. Voyager picks up a distress call, Janeway finds escape pods contaminated with radiation. Two survivors, Fesek and Pelk, are beamed to sickbay as the crew discovers the source of the radiation is a disabled Malon freighter. During a mission to export their toxic waste, a leak forced them to evacuate. Fesek explains that when the ship explodes, the waste will ignite and destroy everything within three light-years. Before Voyager can travel to a safe distance, its warp drive collapses. Now, the crew must board the Malon ship and disable it.

With only six hours to go before the storage tanks explode, Fesek, Pelk, Chakotay, Torres and Neelix beam to the freighter. They plan to start in the least affected chamber and clear a path to the control room by opening airlocks and decompressing the ship. An inoculation created by the Doctor affords them a few hours of protection from the radiation. While checking on a jammed airlock, Pelk is attacked by a creature superstitiously believed to be created by radiogenic waste.

Pelk tries to convince the team that the creature exists, but they think he is hallucinating. When he dies, Pelk is beamed to sickbay to determine his cause of death. Meanwhile, Janeway prepares a contingency plan based on a nearby star. She concludes the corona would absorb the radiation from the blast if the freighter could be nudged close enough to it. On the freighter, as the team races through the decks to the control room, an airlock opens and creates a sudden vacuum. Everyone escapes but Chakotay, who is struck by flying debris and beamed to sickbay.

As Torres works to reinitialize the power matrix in the control room, the Doctor finds tissue samples on Pelk that suggest a being is aboard the freighter that has adapted to the radiation. From Astrometrics, Seven of Nine scans for a lifeform blended in with the ambient toxins on the ship, and the creature is then revealed. Suddenly, it closes in on the team in the control room as gas envelops everything. Neelix and Fesek are attacked, but Torres keeps the creature at bay and realizes it is a Malon core laborer.

The laborer insists sabotaging the ship is the only way to make the Malon understand how horrifying the radiation poisoning is to the men who sacrifice their lives working on the core. As Voyager emits a series of tractor pulses to steer the freighter into the star, the laborer uses maneuvering thrusters to disrupt its course. Torres tries to reason with him, but ultimately she has to resort to violence to stop him. At the last second, Torres, Neelix and Fesek are beamed to Voyager before the freighter explodes into the star's atmosphere.

Someone to Watch Over Me

As Janeway and Tuvok leave for a diplomatic mission aboard a Kadi vessel, Neelix is left in charge of the Kadi ambassador on Voyager. Meanwhile, the Doctor determines that Seven of Nine needs the experience of dating in her socialization training. When he takes her to a holodeck bar for some practice making small talk with men, Seven buys a prospective suitor a drink in her usual dry manner. Once Paris learns what is going on, he makes a bet with the Doctor that Seven can't find a date for the Kadi ambassador's reception, and keep him for the entire night.

Knowing he has his work cut out for him, the Doctor tries to show Seven the importance of shared interests with a potential date. When he discovers Seven has a beautiful singing voice, the two engage in a duet of "You Are My Sunshine." Once her interests are determined, Seven peruses the ship's manifest for a suitable male and chooses a lieutenant whom she has worked with before in Engineering. Startled by her directness, the crewmate agrees to meet her in the holodeck for dinner.

When the Doctor tells Paris about Seven's progress, he realizes the Doctor is infatuated with her. The Doctor denies it, but he helps Seven fix her hair and pick out a dress to wear. In the holodeck simulation, he plays the piano as Seven and her date awkwardly navigate through a lobster dinner and a turn on the dance floor. When Seven takes the lead and tears a ligament in the man's arm, the evening is cut short, and she is ready to give up on dating altogether. However, the Doctor persuades her to keep trying and takes her onto the dance floor for a lesson.

Seven and the Doctor decide to attend the Kadi ambassador's reception together, and Seven displays all of her newly learned social skills. This prompts Paris to admit the Doctor has won the bet, which angers Seven. She accuses the Doctor of not having a sincere interest in her development and storms out of the party. Meanwhile, Neelix is losing control of the ambassador, who has had too much to drink and makes a scene before passing out.

The ambassador has a mighty hangover when his superior returns the next day, but he and Neelix manage to cover up what has really happened. The Doctor prepares to tell Seven about his feelings for her, but she comes to him first to thank him for his guidance. She announces that she will no longer require his lessons because there is not a suitable mate on board. Crushed, the Doctor hides his true emotions and returns to the holodeck bar for a lonely piano tune.


As Neelix presses Janeway for information about Earth's history, she reminisces about one of her ancestors, Shannon O'Donnell. Shannon was in Indiana in December of 2000 when she discovered a quaint downtown area about to be destroyed and replaced by the Millennium Gate. The world's first self-sustaining civic environment, the Gate had developers offering Henry Janeway a lot of money for his bookstore, but he wouldn't sell. Through a chance encounter when her car broke down, Shannon and Henry began working together to prevent the destruction of downtown Portage Creek.

A database search uncovers a picture of Shannon and her children, which Janeway wants to frame. She explains that she grew up admiring Shannon and her bravery in building the Millennium Gate, which became the model for the first habitat on Mars. Back in 2000, Shannon is approached by Gerald Moss, one of the developers who knows her from her days of astronaut training at NASA. Knowing that Shannon recently lost her job, Moss tries to lure her to his team as consulting engineer in return for Shannon convincing Henry to give up his shop to the project.

Intrigued by the experimental biosphere, Shannon tries to talk Henry into seeing the benefits of the Gate. He will hear nothing of it, however, and Shannon leaves when the two of them begin fighting. On Voyager, the crew trades stories of their family history. When Janeway asserts that Shannon did work on all the early Mars projects, Paris contradicts her. He is an expert on that subject, and he is positive there was no O'Donnell working on those projects.

Further research shows Shannon did not overcome any great obstacles to build the Millennium Gate, as Janeway had believed. She was only a consulting engineer, and the sole opposition she faced was Henry, who became her husband. As Shannon prepares to leave town, and the Gate developers are about to move their plans to another city, she suddenly returns to Portage Creek to talk to Henry.

Shannon reveals she has come back to be with Henry. She wants to explore the future, but he must be willing to leave the past behind. With only a minute to spare until midnight of New Year's Eve and the deadline for the Millennium Gate project, Henry agrees to rebuild his shop in the new biosphere. Janeway is disappointed Shannon was not the courageous explorer she always believed her to be, but she has no idea what her ancestor did for the town of Portage Creek, and a man scared to face the inevitable future.


It is Janeway's first day aboard the U.S.S. Voyager. Seven of Nine, disguised as an ensign, investigates a weapon on the ship and reports back to Captain Braxton, who now knows where the weapon was placed but still needs to know when. After Janeway is alerted to a chronoton flux, she almost discovers Seven of Nine, which would contaminate the timeline. Braxton beams Seven from Voyager just in time, but she is dead by the time she gets to his ship.

Braxton orders his men to go back in time and retrieve Seven before Voyager explodes. This is the third time they have tried to help Seven save her crew. On Voyager, temporal distortions are fracturing space-time throughout the ship, making people space-sick and causing bizarre paradoxes to occur. When Seven and Torres investigate, Seven's ocular implant detects a device emitting the distortions. Before they can take action, the hull begins to demolecularize. Janeway orders the crew to abandon ship as two men materialize and beam away Seven.

Seven is once again welcomed to the Federation timeship Relativity. It is 500 years in the future, and Braxton wants to solve the mystery of who planted the weapon. His crew has recruited Seven because of her ocular implant's ability to detect irregularities in space-time. Once they persuade her to help them, Seven is beamed to Voyager two years before she became part of the crew. The ship is under attack from the Kazon, and Braxton believes this is the time a saboteur boarded the vessel and planted the device. Seven is to find him and stop him at all costs.

Seven checks the ship and finds no sign of the weapon or the intruder. When Janeway detects a chronoton flux and remembers the same thing happening two years ago, she investigates and finds Seven, whom she recognizes from that first day on the ship. Over Braxton's objections, Seven explains her presence on Voyager and persuades Janeway to trust her seemingly implausible story. When they are suddenly alerted to an intruder, they find Braxton himself planting the weapon.

Suffering from temporal psychosis, this version of Braxton claims Janeway is responsible for his exile stemming from his time travel. He suddenly jumps to two years earlier, and Seven follows him. When he is trapped in a forcefield, Braxton jumps five years ahead. By this time, Seven is suffering from having made too many time jumps, and recruits herself in that time period to apprehend Braxton. Once Seven and Janeway catch him, Janeway must go back to an earlier period of Voyager's history to capture Braxton before he has a chance to place the weapon. Meanwhile, the original Braxton is arrested for "crimes he will commit" by his first officer, who takes command of the timeship and vows to clean up the contamination in the timeline to prevent any of it from happening in the first place. Seven is "reintegrated" and Janeway is urged to avoid time travel as the two are returned to Voyager and back to normal.


Answering a distress call, the away team finds a device embedded in a rock that proves to be a form of artificial intelligence. It has bio-neural circuitry and, with the help of the Doctor's translating, reveals it is suffering from a technical form of amnesia. The machine thinks it is an organic being, but once it is beamed to Voyager, the Doctor explains what has happened. Scanning the planet's surface, Janeway finds a crater filled with radiogenic decay and realizes they have beamed aboard a weapon of mass destruction.

In sickbay, Torres attempts to separate its bio-neural circuitry from the explosive, and download its synaptic patterns into a holographic matrix. Suddenly, the weapon arms itself, and Torres is forced to use an EM pulse to short it out. She and Kim soon discover the machine has commandeered the Doctor's program. It now recalls it is a long-range tactical armor unit, which was deployed at a target it never reached. The machine, speaking through the Doctor's body, tells Janeway that she will help him find his target, or her ship and crew will be destroyed.

After Janeway is given new coordinates to follow, Neelix locates a merchant who may be familiar with the weapon. He offers to disarm it with his transporter's dampening field in exchange for full access to salvaging its parts for sale. Wary of handing the weapon over to a stranger, Janeway refuses. When the merchant's ship tries to get a transporter lock on the machine, it sends an antimatter surge back through the beam and blows up the ship. Meanwhile, Seven realizes her nanoprobes can be adapted to disable the weapon's circuitry.

Paris plans to make the machine believe they are navigating a minefield. When Seven of Nine is brought into sickbay pretending to suffer from burns, Tuvok will disrupt the Doctor's program. This will give Seven enough time to inject her nanoprobes into the weapon and disable it. Meanwhile, Kim and Torres retrieve lost data from the weapon's memory files, which reveal its launch was a mistake. He thinks they are deceiving him and refuses to abort. The plan fails, and Voyager is suddenly surrounded by 32 self-guided weapons.

The machine is ordered to transport off Voyager to the target, but Kim persuades him to look for his people's confirmation code in the rest of his memory files. When he confirms the order to cease his mission was valid, he tells the other weapons to stand down. They cannot be diverted, so the weapon reconfigures his bio-neural matrix and joins the others. Once he leads them to a safe distance, he detonates and destroys them all.

Equinox, Part I

Answering a distress call, the U.S.S. Voyager crew finds the Federation Starship Equinox, a vessel made for planetary research. Captain Ransom pleads with Janeway to extend Voyager's shields over his ship, which is under attack. As the shields are put in place, interspatial fissures erupt on several decks. Once a rescue team boards Equinox, they find many crewmembers dead of a thermolitic reaction. A few people are still alive, including Ransom, who explains that his ship was also pulled into the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker.

Hostile aliens — flying nucleogenic lifeforms from another realm — are trying to enter the two ships at every fissure point. At the current rate, Voyager will be under full attack in less than two days. However, the aliens cannot survive inside the ship's atmosphere, so the crew sets out to create a multiphasic forcefield to trap the nucleogenic lifeforms and show them they cannot afford to continue their assault. Meanwhile, Ransom and Burke secretly discuss that they must hide their research lab and warp core from the Voyager crew.

Once Seven of Nine determines how to create a security grid that will protect the ships, Janeway decides it will be in everyone's best interest to abandon the Equinox and concentrate all efforts on preserving Voyager. Ransom and his crew prepare to steal Voyager's field generator and leave them behind. When Seven and Tuvok discover the research lab aboard Equinox has been deliberately contaminated with radiation to keep them away from it, Janeway sends in the Doctor to investigate.

The Doctor finds organic matter — from the nucleogenic lifeforms — which has been converted into a crystalline compound. The compound can be used to enhance the Equinox's propulsion systems. When Janeway learns that Ransom and his crew were planning to kill as many of the creatures as it took to get home, she confines them to their quarters and sets out to make contact with the aliens. Meanwhile, the Doctor goes back to the Equinox research lab and summons their EMH, which looks exactly like him. The Equinox Doctor explains that he created the conversion technology after his ethical subroutines were deleted. Then, he disables Voyager's Doctor and steals his holo-emitter.

Once the evil Doctor frees his crew from confinement, they beam back to the Equinox. Seven, who was onboard trying to disable their converters, is knocked unconscious. Before the security grid can be put on-line, Ransom and his crew steal Voyager's field generator. As the Equinox is set on course for the Alpha Quadrant at warp speed, Voyager's shields go completely off-line, and the aliens attack Janeway and the crew through fissures on all decks ...